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ConAgra Foods, Inc., headquartered in Omaha, NE, is a national food manufacturer that provides a wide range of products for consumers and foodservice industry professionals. The company has two primary business segments, Consumer Foods and Commercial Products. The Consumer Foods segment includes branded and private label food products, which are sold in various retail and foodservice channels. The Commercial Foods segment includes commercially branded foods and ingredients.

Main Telephone (402) 240-4000
Main Fax
Primary Address
2805 North Dallas Parkway
Suite 525
Plano, TX 75093

ConAgra Brands, Inc. Contacts

Contacts (5/86)
Name Title State
Sean C. Chief Executive Officer IL
Sample of Associated Brands
Email: *****@*******.***
Main Phone: (630) 857-1000
Direct Phone: *** **** ***   ext: ****
Direct Fax: *** **** ***
Assistant Name: ** **** ***
Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 2805 North Dallas Parkway
Suite 525
Plano, TX

Tom M. President - Consumer Foods IL
Darren S. Chief Growth Officer & Head, Growth Center of Excellence IL
Chris W. President IL
Derek D. President, Sales & Executive Vice President IL

Media Spend

Media Spend Summary
Media Spend Channel

Associated Brands

Brand Media Spend
Act II *
Banquet *******
Blue Bonnet *
Chef Boyardee ***
Crunch'n Munch *

Agency Relationships

Brand Agency Service From To
****** ***** ********* ***** Creative unknown present
****** ********* | ***** AOR - media buying & planning 2014 present
****** *** ******* Creative 2017 present
****** ***** ********* ***** Creative unknown present
**** ****'* ********* | ***** AOR - media buying & planning 2014 present

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Q3-Q4 Media Opps: ConAgra continuing higher consumer foods marketing investments

ConAgra was removed from our here).

Subject: TV, print, digital, social media, online, outdoor, Hispanic, branding, sponsorship

Company: Winmo)

Opportunity: During ConAgra’s Q3 earnings call, CEO Sean Connolly said (as he has many times) that “unlocking the full value of [ConAgra's] branded portfolio will be a process, not a flip of the switch.” He added that the company is becoming much stronger in pricing, targeted high ROI marketing and innovation, so he is “encouraged” by the work going on with its Consumer Foods division. CFO John Gehring noted that the Consumer Foods’ marketing and advertising spend was $91 million during Q3 – up 12% from the prior year quarter. Per Gehring, this increase reflects efforts to continue to strengthen and support these brands. In fact, he specifically pointed out that higher marketing investments will continue in 2016. 

Sellers, while there will be higher investments this year, keep in mind that president of consumer foods Tom McGough noted: “We believe in investing in brands, but doing it in a very disciplined way with the strong ROI mentality.” Spending, explained McGough, is determined on an individual brand level, based on the brand’s segmentation and readiness for investment.

For example, read more about ConAgra’s investment in Bertolli Frozen Entrees in 2016 here. McGough also specifically called out Marie Callender’s, Hunt’s, Slim Jim and Reddi-Wip, so if I were a betting woman – I’d look for dollars with those brands first.

Remember that in 2014, ConAgra shifted media to DDB in October 2013, so both of these relationships are right at average tenure.

Additional Information

Media Spend: ConAgra’s intent this year is to continue to invest and grow through renovation and increased marketing over time, so Q4 2016 could see higher investments than the same period 2015 (however, nothing is set in stone).

For 2015, Kantar Media reports that ConAgra spent $112.9 million on measured media – up 9.5% from 2014. Most of this was allocated to broadcast ads ($79.7 million). The remainder went to print ($21.6 million), display ($8.2 million) and search ads ($3.3 million). 

National TV Spend: All spend data is from

For FY 2015, MC spent $19.1 million on national TV ads. See chart for 2015 show targeting. MC’s TV buys were highest in Q4, but steady from Aug. through the end of the year. While spots were run in Q1, spend dropped to zero from mid-April through the end of July.

Hunt’s: Through April 2016, Hunt’s has spent $2.2 million on national TV ads, which is down slightly from the same period 2015 ($3.7 million). As with Marie Calender’s, the most money is spent to air ads during shows such as “The Bachelor,” “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “General Hospital,” so Millennial moms are the likely target here, too. Keep in mind that Hunt’s makes Manwich, the king of no frills meals (which is what about half of Hunt’s spots are touting). 

For FY 2015, Hunt’s spent $11.6 million to air six spots just over 9,000 times. Sellers, note that Hunt’s 2015 spend was weighted to Q1 and Q4, with no national TV buys occurring during the summer months. 

Slim Jim: The brand has spent $4.3 million on national TV ads so far this year. Spots include four that began running last fall and one, starring former Steelers’ safety Troy Polamalu, that began airing in Feb. 2016. Unlike Marie Calender’s and Hunt’s, Slim Jim clearly targets male audiences, with the most money in 2016 being spent to air spots during “The Walking Dead,” “NBA Basketball” and “SportsCenter.” For the same period 2015, Slim Jim spent only $1.7 million on national TV ads (though targeting was similar).

For FY 2015, $12.1 million was spent on national TV ads for Slim Jim. During Q1 2015 (and 2016, for that matter), Slim Jim ads were run (on average) in two week flights with five day breaks. From Aug. 2015 through the end of the year, flights were a little longer (22 days) with 12 day breaks in between. Buys dropped significantly in Q2/Q3 ($888.850).  See chart for 2015 show targeting.

Reddi-Wip: So far this year, Reddi-Wip has spent $3.9 million on national TV ads – up from $1.4 million for the same period 2015. In 2016, the most money has been spent to air ads during “The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love” (side note: bahahahahahahaha), “The Middle,” “Shades of Blue” and “Modern Family.” 

For FY 2015, Reddi-Wip spent $8 million on national TV ads. Reddi-Wip ads are certainly targeted to a wider audience base, and sellers should keep in mind that the brand also tends to air spots during live events, such as “The 50th Academy of Country Music Awards,” “The 49th Annual CMA Awards” and “The Wiz Live!” in 2015.

Digital Breakdown: Display data is provided courtesy of Moat.

Marie Callender’s: For 2016, MC has run 59 display, 298 high impact and two video ads on 1,728 publishers (7% mobile). Top ad destinations include:, and (11% placed site direct versus programmatically). Compare this with FY 2015, when 106 display and 217 high impact ads were run on 1,171 publishers (16% mobile; 43% placed site direct). Display buys have remained steady since Sept. 2015 (until now) and news sites are the top destination.

Hunt’s: In 2016, Hunt’s has run 30 display ads, eight high impact ads (mostly standard) and one video ad on 853 publishers (17% mobile; 29% placed site direct). Note that while about half of Hunt’s TV ads are for Manwich, only one or two of its display ads advertise the brand. Food & drink sellers are the top destination for Hunt’s display ads, which should come as no surprise since most of the company’s display ads for the past two years have been for its canned tomatoes.

For FY 2015, Hunt’s ran 52 display ads on 949 publishers (24% mobile; 55% placed site direct). Hunt’s also ran 16 high impact and four video ads in 2015. 

Slim Jim: So far this year, Slim Jim has run only three display ads on and The brand has also run 39 high impact ads (standard)  on seven publishers, with 28 instances occurring on AMC. Slim Jim has also run five sponsored ads on Thought Catalog, Cracked and Men’s Journal in 2016.

For FY 2015, Slim Jim ran only 17 display ads on 164 publishers (2% mobile; 93% placed site direct). As with 2016, arts & entertainment sites were top destinations for the brand, with ads running on sites such as and (when you have a target market, I guess you just steer into it). Slim Jim also ran 181 high impact ads in 2015.

Reddi-Wip: Reddi-Wip has run 11 display ads on 660 publishers in 2016 (16% mobile).,, and are among the top destinations. Reddi-Wip has also run 52 high impact ads on 23 publishers such as  My Recipes and Yahoo! Sports (45 of these were standard ads). While Reddi-Wip did not run many display ads for the bulk of 2015, it has been steadily increasing its presence since mid-October.

Five ConAgra Dr.
Omaha, NE 68102
(402) 595-4000

Darren Serrao
Chief Growth Officer (functions as CMO)
(402) 595-4000  

Fernando Arriola 
Vice President, Marketing – Marie Callender’s, Slim Jim & Reddi Whip
(630) 857-1249 (direct)

Ryan Pintado-Vertner 
Senior Brand Manager, Hunt’s Packaged Tomatoes
(952) 835-6900