UK Sellers: Five Brands to Target for Spring/Summer Ad Spend
With spring officially here and summer right behind, the restaurant industry has been preparing for warm-weather crowds with new hires,...
Ad Sales
10 TV Advertisers That Sellers Should Engage Now
In our latest eBook, 8 Advertising Trends Media Sellers Need to Know, we emphasize the importance of reaching out to...
3 Tips for Winning Sponsorship Opportunities (IEG Roundtable Recap)
This April, the best and the brightest minds of corporate sponsorship world convened in Chicago for the 35th annual IEG...
Agency New Business
Where Are They Now? The 10 CMOs We Told You To Watch In 2018
Yep – we’re saying it again. CMO shifts are the biggest indicator for agency reviews! Back in January we identified...
What GDPR Means for B2B Advertising Sales Professionals
A Winmo Primer on GDPR and Marketing and Sales Data Protection Best Practices Notice: This is for discussion purposes only. Winmo...
Ad Sales
The 13 Biggest Myths About Sales Prospecting
Still telling yourself that all prospects are equal, or that cold calling is dead? Think again. With more than 40%...
Ad Sales
Top 10 Brands in Q1 (And Why They Matter in Q2)
We’ve gone over this before – it’s important to follow trends across the board. While I don’t personally feel qualified...
Winmo Scores Sponsorship Spend Analysis from Hookit
Winmo, North America’s leading provider of media/marketing sales intelligence, is expanding its role in the sponsorship sellers’ toolkit, integrating spend...
Podcast: Inside Sponsorship- Breaking Through to Brands
If you find yourself struggling to navigate the perplexing landscape of sponsorship prospecting, we’ve got something that we think will...
Ad Sales
Agency of Record Shifts You Should Know About, Especially If You’re A Media Seller
Agency shifts are an important signal for media and marketing sales professionals. For starters, they often indicate the launch of...
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