Marketing Tech
How to Approach Martech Landscape
Everyone loves options. Whether it’s choices of ketchup brands at the grocery store or a variety of white sweaters while...
5 Takeaways from ANA Masters of Marketing 2018
Updated: October 16, 2019 Interested in 3 Tips for Achieving Growth in 2020, Courtesy of ANA Masters of Marketing 2019?...
48 Hours, 48 Websites, & The Road to 100,000 Lives
A few weeks ago, the Winmo team volunteered to participate in Atlanta’s annual 48in48 event, working to develop new websites...
Winmo Launches HubSpot Integration For Contact Export
Big news! We’re excited to announce that Winmo users can now export verified, up-to-date marketing decision-makers and contacts from Winmo...
Agency New Business
The Mirren Post-Pitch Client Debriefing Guide – Part 2
This post continues from The Mirren Post-Pitch Client Debriefing Guide – Part 1. Whether you’ve won or lost the pitch,...
Four SnapChat Advertising Strategies to Try ASAP
SnapChat advertising isn’t a new trend, but it certainly isn’t exactly a hard science, either. With a huge landscape of...
Business Development
The Mirren Post-Pitch Client Debriefing Guide: Part 1
[easy-tweet tweet=”Whether you’ve won or lost the pitch, getting practical feedback from the client is critical.” user=”@winmo” hashtags=”#winmo #mirren #postpitch...
Agency New Business
Send Better Email: Seven Proven Emails to Reach Your Next Prospect
It’s time to send better email. A couple of weeks ago, we published seven free email templates to use when...
Agency New Business
New Business Development Advice from an Industry Expert
Looking for new business development advice from a proven expert? You’ve come to the right place. Meet Our New Business...
TV Ad Buy and Airing Intel Now in Winmo
Winmo has teamed up with real-time TV ad measurement leader to give users of its sales intelligence platform a...
Sponsorship Expert: How to Close Your Sponsorship Deal With Data
Not all data is created, says Winmo partner and sponsorship expert Larry Weil. Instead, he’s sharing how to close a...
Business Development
Why Referrals Are a Bad Business Development Strategy
Out of curiosity, what’s your agency’s business development strategy? If you said, “I don’t know,” “We don’t have one,” or...
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