Ad Sales
Updated: Top Independent Media Agencies
In 2020, we all pushed our operating budgets to their breaking points. Brands were forced to eliminate unnecessary overhead for...
Winmo’s Top 5 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2020
Not surprisingly, the majority of Winmo’s most-viewed blog posts in 2020 centered around the pandemic. We spent the spring (and...
Agency New Business
How Winmo Launches Publishing Giant Into New Verticals: Q&A with Future’s Jason Webby
During last week’s Adweek Elevate: Publishing virtual event, Winmo’s VP of Sales, Ryan Wilkie, interviewed one of our newest clients,...
Agency New Business
2021 Sales Prospecting Predictions: Winmo Experts’ Weigh In
Well, we made it (almost). To a pessimist, 2020 was the year plans and goals came to die (especially sales...
Agency New Business
Sports Betting’s Rise Continues With Increased Legalization: Q4 2020 Contacts
Nothing will clear a casino quite like a pandemic — tight groups of strangers, windowless rooms, and indoor smoking now...
Agency New Business
Knowledge is Power: 100+ Brands Buying in Q1 2021
It seems like every year we trick ourselves into believing that December will be a slow month. A time for...
Black Friday 2020: We Spent $9 Billion, But Brands Still Have Much to Learn
Welcome to the longest holiday season of all time. We should have known when Christmas movies began advertising in October...
Agency New Business
New Year, New Plans: 100+ Brands Planning in Q1 2021
In Q1 2021, marketers and media buyers need to balance long-term goal setting with short-term planning. This year’s chaos threw...
Telehealth is Here to Stay: 50+ Industry Contacts for 2021 Planning
In 2020, we took concerts, birthday parties, baby showers, book clubs, and even trade shows online. And now? Healthcare. In...
What Will Nonprofit Sponsorships Look Like in 2021?
Nonprofits have been on the front lines of the pandemic. They assist families across the country facing the grim reality...
Want Your Agency to Survive a Pandemic? Stop Giving Away Your Thinking: Q&A with Michael Gass
We’ve faced countless challenges this year — no one who watched the ball drop on January 1, 2020 could have...
Marketing Tech
4 Ways Sellers Are Using Winmo Intent Insights
Sales professionals are always on the hunt for the latest technology that will give them a competitive edge to close...
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