7 Most Searched Advertisers in Q3

7 Most Searched Advertisers in Q3

Each quarter, thousands of agencies, media sellers and advertising technology firms use Winmo’s sales intelligence to tailor their pitches to stand out from competitors. With detailed daily reports on the latest shifts in the industry, Winmo clients are nailing their outreach and contacting the right people at precisely the right time. 

We’ve decided to take a deeper look into what brands our customers have been searching the most over the past 90 days and are highlighting relevant opportunities across advertisers like TikTok, Vans and Popeyes. 

No doubt these brands are in high demand and present opportunities for you and your team to act on now. Check them out here: 

1. White Claw 

Spiked seltzer brand White Claw cut it’s media spend by 30% this year, as word-of-mouth activity and memes actually led to a product shortage. The 30% dip accompanied the brand’s ad spend reaching $11.1 million during 2019’s first seven months, while overall hard seltzer, hard cider and “malternative” brands’ ad spend jumped 21% during the same timeframe according to MarketingDive. Most of White Claw’s spend went to cable TV, with additional spend going toward magazines and spot TV. 

According to iSpot, YTD national TV spend of $12.9 million went towards ads that aired from April-July, targeting various millennial audiences. White Claw also spent $12.9 million during the same timeframe in 2018, so expect to see more summer ad spend next year. Reach out during Q1 to see what the brand is planning. Per Business Insider, hard seltzer sales will grow from $550 million this year to $2.5 billion by 2021. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Sellers able to help the brand optimize it’s media spend and able to get it in front of millennials and drinking-age Gen-Z, particularly women, should reach out. 

Agency Opportunity: Agency Squid is believed to handle creative duties. Since there haven’t been any major shifts, agency readers may want to prospect elsewhere. However, those able to offer social duties should keep the brand on their radar. 

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2. TikTok 

Social media app TikTok named Edward Chou it’s marketing head, effective September. Previously the global marketing and communications director at Apple, Chou brings additional marketing leadership experience from Ogilvy and Dentsu. His hire will likely signal higher ad spending. 

During the past 12 months, Adbeat reports that TikTok has spent $1.4 million on digital display ads placed primarily site direct and via YouTube videos. Most site direct placements were on sites such as buzzfeed.com and bustle.com. We expect to see spend continue to rise. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Sellers with high ROI strategies among Gen-Z will likely have the upper hand, considering TikTok has been targeting younger college students during the back-to-school season. Digital display spend was focused in Q2. 

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3. Vans 

Kelly Murnaghan has left her role as marketing VP for North America at Vans to accept a CMO position with Lagunitas Brewing Company. 

Vans tends to draw in Gen Z kids and millennials through social and digital marketing. Vans’s e-Commerce business has helped expand its markets, as it has a strict pricing policy, allowing average income consumers to afford products. 

Vans has invested pretty consistently in digital display since Q4 2018. In the past six months, spend has increased 338% ($976.8k) from the six months prior ($223.2k). Since Vans spent less in H1 this year, it may have allocated more dollars to Q4. Sellers can reach out with last-minute ad space and ask about Q1 2020 plans as well. 

Media Seller Opportunity: According to StatSocial, the main demographic is between 18-24 years old and is 56% male. This company also tends to have a higher Hispanic audience. Vans should continue to have plenty of spending dollars in the future, so sellers are encouraged to reach out. 

Agency Opportunity: Once a new decision-maker is hired, reevaluation of relationships and strategies in place will likely occur. Vans is definitely a company to keep on your radar. Media business has been handled by Starcom Worldwide since 2016. Media is handled in-house, so focus on offering digital, social and creative services. 

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4. WeWork

WeWork, a subsidiary of The We Company, continues to attempt to dominate the business real estate company, but has realized organic growth is not going to bring the results it’s seeking. By the end of Q2, WeWork spent $320 million, 21% of its revenue, on marketing and advertising initiatives. YOY increases resulted in $180 million, or 128.7%. In addition to a rise in spend, just before a planned IPO WeWork lost Jennifer Skyler, it’s incumbent chief communications officer, to American Express. 

After the $1.9 billion loss last year, WeWork continues to work to bring it’s worth back up. Sellers should see plenty of ad space available, and agencies should keep an eye out for reviews, depending on the ROI of the most recent marketing efforts. If they continue to lose money, another review could follow or WeWork may shift away from external marketing. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Expect more work to become available, but as we mentioned previously we’re not sure how long marketing efforts will last with issues in leadership. Marketing spend could increase or decrease depending on how things play out. 

Agency Opportunity: According to sources, WeWork’s 2018 revenue was $1.8 billion, while the profit loss was $-1.9 billion. These struggles could lead to a possible review in the future. CMO Robin Daniels has only been in the position for 6 months, signaling even higher chances for reviews. 

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5. Popeyes 

Reported in September, Popeyes CMO Hope Diaz left the company for the same position at Fiesta Restaurant Group. It seems to be in the hiring process for a replacement, and our team of in-house analysts will keep you updated. 

As part of the team that developed the marketing campaign behind the nationwide rollout Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich, Diaz departed as soon as the sandwich sold out due to popular demand. Coincidence or not?

Media Seller Opportunity: According to iSpot, YTD national TV spend of $89.6 million has targeted various Gen-Z audiences with a slight male skew. Since Popeyes tends to spend high throughout the year, sellers with high  ROI strategies among Gen Z should offer space. Focus efforts on promoting its new chicken sandwich, which has seen a lot of social media engagement. Along with TV and digital display, Popeyes uses OOH, print and radio. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: A new CMO will likely review agency relationships, so we encourage you to reach out soon to remain top-of-mind once a replacement is named. Focus on differentiating the brand from competitors including Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s and Wendy’s. In the past, Popeyes has worked with Horizon and GSD&M.

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6. Chipotle 

In it’s latest Q3 earnings call, execs of Chipotle mentioned that the company has had enhanced marketing efforts, mainly focused on the carne asada launch and digital and TV channels. It’s ongoing ads are part of this year’s “Behind the Foil” campaign. Some marketing dollars were moved from Q3 into Q4 in order to support carne asada and other promotions. The loyalty program has seen great ROI, with over 7 million members. 

According to iSpot, YTD national TV spend of $58.3 million has targeted various male, sports-oriented audiences. This nearly doubles Chipotle’s spend in the same 2018 timeframe. Within the past 12 months, Adbeat reports that Chipotle has spent $2.8 million on digital display adverts, a -35% decline from the $4.3 million spent during the 12 months prior. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Considering this decline, Chipotle may be focused on TV and social media for now in an effort to reach Gen-Z and millennial men. Spend typically spikes during Q2 and Q4. Chipotle also utilizes OOH, print and radio. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: VB&P handles creative, with media at MullenLowe Mediahub and digital at Deloitte (all since 2017). Consider offering social duties to help Chipotle reach younger audiences. However, with recent success in ROI based on current strategies, agency shifts are rather unlikely. 

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7. Xbox 

Microsoft-owned Xbox announced Kovert Creative as AOR for its lifestyle marketing and partnership teams. Kovert’s remit includes talent engagement, entertainment and industry partnerships, activation and creative ideation in pop culture. 

According to iSpot, Xbox has spent $72M on national TV ads YTD, more than eight times what was spent in the same period of 2018 ($8.7M). Adbeat reports total digital display spend as $3.5M in the last 365 days. Xbox spends considerably less than their main competitor, Playstation, whose total digital ad spend in the last year was $26.6M. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Based on reports from about a month ago, there may still be possible last-minute holiday dollars. Beginning in September, Xbox ramped up spending in preparation for new game releases and the holiday season. Xbox has plenty of upcoming releases that are work keeping an eye on as well. Both Xbox and Playstation will release a new console by the 2020 holiday season, reach out soon in order to remain top-of-mind. 

Agency Opportunity: According to our team of in-house analysts, Mike Nichols, CVP and CMO, will retire as soon as a replacement is found. Their current roster includes McCann and Carat. Watch closely for upcoming reviews following a CMO hire, especially since 215 McCann has been on the account for over three years (around average agency tenure).

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