Most Searched Brands and Companies

Most Searched Brands and Companies

At the beginning of each month we sit down and take a look at which brands our subscribers have been looking at, and connect the dots between the news and the opportunities. 

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Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc.

The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group has seen some major changes bubbling up for its healthy drink brand Bai. In June, the company announced that Lain Hancock would take over as the brand’s new CEO. Hancock is a 10-year veteran of the company, most recently serving as executive vice president of human resources for DPS.

We always say major changes in brand leadership often create new opportunities within a company. Since DPS only acquired Bai last November, the switch in leadership may prompt reviews of incumbents within the brand and among the brand’s agency relationships.

As for the rest of the company, WinmoEdge is reporting that DPS’ other brands have been moved from LA to IPG’s Initiative, NYC. This means their more-than-$200 million advertising budget will become more available to New York sellers. To make sure you get future buys, start connecting with the agency right away. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

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Sprint Corporation

Sprint has been in the news lately featuring the newest installment of the will-they-or-won’t-they merger deal with T-Mobile. While everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion if a deal will go through or not, a merger could mean new strategies for media and marketing, depending on which marketing chiefs are still standing if and when the merger goes through.

According to WinmoEdge, Sprint has moved their media account to Horizon, who beat out Mediavest | Spark, NYC and WPP’s GroupM in the last round of review. This change comes in the wake of several quarters’ worth of aggressive promotions as Sprint attempts to outplay AT&T and Verizon. However, the competitors took notice and have since caught up with their own promotional plans. This leaves Sprint to try to find new ads to create attention and take market share from the larger companies. Media sellers should connect to Horizon now to get some of the company’s massive budget, especially if you sell for channels that inexpensively reach a mass audience.

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Recently, Pinterest has been stepping up their game in the advertising world, becoming a star at the recent Lion advertising conference in Cannes, complete with pin-worthy snacks and a place on the beach. To potential advertisers, they’re differentiating themselves from other search-based websites by pushing the idea they’re for people to “design their life,” not just “search for stuff.” In turn, this has reportedly created higher return on investment for brands than both Facebook and Google.

Pinterest also launched its first ever brand campaign in the US last month in an attempt to create broader public appeal (while 19 percent of users are men, they only account for 7% of all pins). The over-all step up in advertising indicates a potential creative opportunities.

WinmoEdge reports the company recently hired its first US media agency, Giant Spoon. Sellers can look to the agency to get some of the marketing dollars, although the budget may be on the smaller side at first. Additionally, the hiring of an agency means the company could be on the look-out for a creative/digital partner shortly, meaning potential opportunity for agencies, especially since the company just hired a new head of partner marketing last month.

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Delta Air Lines

In the midst of what seems like a nightmarish year to be an airline, Delta has a plan. The company hired Vice Media to try to help improve its public image. Together, they’ve created the Delta Launchpad, a free public concert and video series designed to gain the attention and business of young professionals working for smaller companies, who usually don’t have one single airline their company uses every time. For agencies, this means that Delta may need agencies to help promote this new initiative. Additionally, media sellers with ad space that reaches young urban professionals may want to reach out to capitalize on this target market and series of events.

Delta isn’t the only airline who is trying out new strategies. According to WinmoEdge, Fiji Airways recently hired airline marketing veteran Marc Cavaliere as new its new CMO. For this airline, agencies may find the new CMO creates new opportunity since that’s the most reliable trigger for agency/brand upheaval. You might also look to opportunities marketing Fiji Airways’ new San Francisco-Nadl year-round direct flights.

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Atkins Nutritionals

Sugar is a word that most kids love, but adults have a love-hate relationship with. Atkins, known for its famous low-carb diet, is now adding low-sugar into the mix with the launch of a campaign that aims to educate people on the hidden sugar in everyday food. The company sponsored the Sugar Gap Study, which revealed alarmingly low knowledge levels on the dangers of excess sugar to a person’s health. Media sellers may want to reach out to the brand to help them get this message across, with a focus on sellers with health-conscious markets. Or go to the other side and reach out to sugar brands who may need to combat the negative press that’s coming their way.

Atkins is set to capitalize on the education-based campaign, according to WinmoEdge. Right now, the campaign is being used to educate people on “the health impact of what they are eating,” according to CMO Scott Parker. The company has also partnered with the nutrition company Eat This, Not That! in addition to creating an online virtual reality game called “Sugar Goggles” that aims to test people’s knowledge of the amount of sugar in various foods. While the campaign seems to purely be looking out for people’s health, this ad push is most likely a set up to introduce its new portfolio of low-carb and low-sugar products, creating selling opportunities for the future. Sellers that focus on women and/or people with health-conscious lifestyles should try to get a spoonful of the campaign revenue.

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