Top 5 Must Do’s After Mirren Live 2016

Top 5 Must Do’s After Mirren Live 2016

Mirren Live will have left you with pages of notes, ideas and to-do’s. The most challenging thing post-conference (especially one so focused on business development) is balancing this ‘must-make-happen’ list with the backlog of emails and tasks at the office that accumulated while you were out.

Make this post Mirren Live conference different. Change your behavior to get the most out of your investment in attending the event by following these simple steps;

  1. Get the Mirren Live agenda, and mark up the sessions you attended.
    Here’s a link to the Mirren Live Agenda.
  1. Rank the 5 Most Actionable sessions that you attended.
  2. Prioritize 3 Action Items from each of your top 5 sessions.
    If one of your personal action items was to check out a contact / list building resource, you can start your complimentary trial of Winmo here. Winmo was ranked as one of the top 5 essential new business tools in the Mirren RSW 2016 New Business Tools Report. An easy to-do item to knock off your list right away.
  1. Create a Personal Action Summary – it should now have 15 items.
    Have these ranked by importance and include;
    Item, Description, Resources Required, Owner and Due Date.
    Allow yourself no more than 60 days for a due date on any item on your list.
  1. Begin the first three action items on your list by Friday of this week. Did you know that people who take action on their personal action summary within 24 hours of an event like Mirren Live are wildly successful and that all of their dreams come true?

What’s next?
Schedule the start date of the remaining 12 items over the next 10 business days. By the end of the month, you’ll have taken action on 15 items from the Mirren Live event. How’s that for a jump-start on getting some ROI?

Revisit your Personal Action Summary each morning before you begin your daily delete session on your email, and make it part of your executive team meeting each month until each action item (including any that you moved due dates on), is complete.

See you next year at Mirren Live 2017.

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