Top Brand, Company & Agency Lists

Top Brand, Company & Agency Lists

Top Brand, Company & Agency Lists

Winmo’s advertising and agency database holds the keys to over $100 Billion in annual media spend, with contacts that control the purse strings for 36,000 major brands.

Of those advertisers, there are industries, categories, contacts and titles that trend at different times. That’s why we began tracking Popular Searches.

From Media Agencies with Top Client Ad Spend and Fortune 500 Companies to Sponsorship Contacts and In-House Media Teams, Popular Searches showcase the advertiser and agency lists that B2B sales professionals are prospecting most in Winmo.

Check out two of Winmo’s most searched categories and corresponding lists:

Fortune 500 Companies List

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Media Agencies With Top Client Spend List

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Looking to generate lists like these? Winmo’s smart filters help you narrow down contact and company lists by industry, territory, planning period, media spend and more. Request a trial to start generating lists of qualified prospects.

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