Top CMO Shifts Creating New Business Opportunities

Top CMO Shifts Creating New Business Opportunities

For national brands, the most accurate indication of new business opportunities on the horizon is the appointment of a new chief marketing officer (CMO).

A decision-maker shift at this level is the first sign that a company is getting ready to change up its marketing strategy in a big way. In the first 6-12 months, new CMOs will review all existing agency relationships and revamp marketing strategies by shifting ad spend and reallocating budgets to maximize ROI.

How to Approach these Decision Makers

As is the case with any prospecting relationship, your chances of engaging these key decision makers, and winning their business, are far greater if you have the chance to get a foot in the door before anyone else.

Although it would usually require hours of research to gather this kind of sales intelligence, we figured you would much rather spend your time on more important things like…I don’t know, actually winning new business with these guys, perhaps?

So, to save you time (and precious, precious sanity) we put together a handy prospecting guide, which features exclusive new business opportunities found in DailyVista and Winmo.

One of the nine CMOs included in our report is highlighted below. If you find this actionable sales intelligence valuable, click here any time to access the full report!


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