July’s Most-Searched Brands

July’s Most-Searched Brands

Politics, Pokemon Go and everything automobile-related were the most popular brand searches in July.

Each month, thousands of agencies, media sellers and advertising technology firms use our sales intelligence to research and connect with their highest value prospects, and their activity gives us a real-time glimpse into the brands sparking our users’ interest.

Click the brand logo below to jump to the Winmo profiles topping our most-viewed list this July, and preview select decision-makers for the scoop on summers’ hottest opportunities:


Chili’s Bar & Grill   

The tweet-storm that erupted following Mike Pence’s visit may have had advertisers and agencies scrambling to find ways to connect with the Tex-Mex fast-casual restaurant chain. If you missed it, here’s a look at the coverage of that time the GOP VP pick ate at a Chili’s in New York.


Maybe it was the announcement that the QSR is launching a digital team and adding 150 jobs at its corporate office in Milford, Connecticut, over the next few years that generated the second-most brand searches. Carman Wenkoff, Subway’s chief information and digital officer, gave some hints at what’s to come for the company: “We’ll be searching for top digital marketing and technology talent to join our growing team at headquarters as we plan for 2017 and beyond.”


Announcing its Athlete of the Year, the sports drink producer may have triggered a rush of sponsorship searches as brands find ways to be associated with athletes as they embark on their post-high school careers.


Changes are afoot at the auto manufacturer, and its president, Johann de Nysschen gave a frank interview with The Verge about what that looks like for the 114-year old company as he tries to replicate the successes he had at Audi and Infiniti. Sponsorships and adtech in Cadillac House, the new vision of the brand’s dealerships, offer opportunities for those who can seek them out.

Boost Mobile

Few companies capitalized on the Pokemon Go craze as well as Sprint and its Boost Mobile brand. The offer of free in-store battery charging, game experts and lures had players stampeding to stores in their quest to catch ‘em all, and that had our users looking for ways to work with the fourth-largest cellular provider.

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