Giving Sales Professionals the Edge on New Business Opportunities


When you invest in the stock market, you watch for signs that a particular company’s stock is poised to rise or fall – and the key is to act at the earliest indication, because after the price has moved, it’s too late.

The same is true of business development, only the signs are more subtle, and harder to keep track of.

A Predictive Sales Intelligence Solution

Providing sales teams with a daily, forecasted view of new business opportunities, WinmoEdge allows you to edge (see what we did there) out your competition and be the first to connect with relevant prospects.

Delivering precise, actionable prospecting articles that tie potential sales opportunities to the company and decision-maker, WinmoEdge (formerly known as DailyVista) is a one stop resource for connecting you with the right prospects at the right time. With the ability to forecast significant industry shifts 3-18 months in advance, business development professionals have never been closer to the sale.

Monitoring a series of new business triggers, our team of research analysts alert you on the following industry shifts:


Decision-Makers on the Move

Know when influential marketers are changing job roles or companies.

new funding

New Funding

Identify when buyers receive new funding for their marketing needs, and where they intend to allocate it.



Get notified when buyers are expanding into new markets, and targeting new customers.



Learn what businesses are struggling, and how they plan to pivot their advertising strategy.

product launches

Product Launches

Identify when a new product launch is expected and what digital opportunities will be involved in to the go-to market strategy.

Spending Shifts

Spending Shifts

Pinpoint when and where buyers are shifting their advertising dollars.

Ready to get more strategic with your prospecting? Request your Winmo trial to get full access to features like WinmoEdge.

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