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Winmo provides direct contact details for brands with budget to spend (and the agencies who negotiate sponsorships on their behalf). See decision-makers, existing sponsorship activations and account background you need to close the deal.

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"Love receiving WinmoEdge every morning. The information is timely, full of great information specific to the brand, their current agency as well as identifying contacts. Get my daily dose and review it each day. It's a quick read and a necessary tool for client retention and business development."

Tracy Owens

SVP New Business

Association of National Advertisers

"We’re huge fans of Winmo. We’ve been using Winmo for years and it has definitely paid dividends for myself personally and for our sales team. We can credit Winmo for the assistance in closing several new partnerships including the entitlement of a college bowl game."

Kevin Hilton

VP Corporate Partnerships

 San Francisco 49ers

Senior Business Development Manager


"Winmo is an excellent tool for prospecting and going out to potential partners for our clients. It is very easy to use and regularly updated. The daily newsletter WinmoEdge is also an excellent and unmatched tool in the industry. Would recommend Winmo to anyone."

Leah Sass

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Beat your competition to the pitch with a line on emerging sponsorship spenders (aka untapped opportunities). Get a daily rundown of projected spenders based on regional focus, funding, marketing hires, SEC filings and other indicators. We surface the most actionable opportunities for you daily, so you can focus on the accounts most likely to convert.

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Target prospects by title, territory, revenue, planning period, industry – even advertisers working with specific sports teams or leagues. Winmo’s smart filters make sure your prospect lists are full of quality leads most likely to convert. Unlike competitors, Winmo’s data is verified by living, breathing researchers – not bots.

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Winmo tracks decision-makers who control $100 billion in marketing spend, and breaks down sponsorship buyers budget by budget, so you can identify Sports Marketing Directors, CMOs, or Experiential Marketing Managers plus the agencies negotiating partnerships on their behalf. And with human-verified emails and direct dials, you'll navigate around gatekeepers with ease.

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