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Reach brand and agency decision makers at exactly the right time - when they're buying what you're selling.

"Great, Timely Information and Tremendous Industry Insights"

Ryan Lutzka, Blis

"Winmo provides our sales org relevant information on prospects to help make our outreach stand out & be personalized."

Charles Roth, Reklaim

"Nothing is missing from this product - it is very user friendly." 

Danielle Kramer, Integral Ad Science

"Excellent Data and Insight-  Makes Research Easy"  

Devon Harris, Playmaker

"Winmo continues to be invaluable in terms of keeping up with accounts and advertising agencies" 

Milt McConnell, Alpha Media USA

"Winmo is easy to use and very useful to find new leads and information on current Accounts and Agencies." 

Michelle Bellamy, Screenvision Media

"Extremely Valuable Resource Tool" 

Mark Mansfield, iHeart Media

"Winmo: Part of my Daily Work Routine" 

Pamela Scheider, Encompass Media Group

"3 Years as My #1 Sales Tool" 

Philippe Quillery, The Bridge

"Winmo is extremely useful [and] helps understand how brands are spending " 

O'Neil Anderson, Ampersand

"Winmo is useful in finding sales leads to engage sponsorship decision-makers. I feel my outreach has strongly increased given some of the great insight/data they provide on companies"

Andrew Stitchfield, CSM Sports & Entertainment

"Winmo is an excellent resource for current business events and contacts."

Rob Nugent, Richard Childress Racing

"The accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information provided within Winmo has helped our team generate six-figure deals." 

Clay Busch, Danny Wimmer Presents

"Extremely user-friendly. Even if you didn't take a walk through you would be able to figure out how to use it."  

Lindsay Shapiro, Pontiflex

"Sourcing new business leads from Winmo has opened up a lot of doors at companies and brands that I never considered reaching out to. "

Victoria Fealcoff, Colossal Media

"I've been using other lead generation tools for 17 years in media sales and Winmo is by far the best."

Lorinne Sekban, Screenvision

"Winmo is a great resource for locating contact info for brand direct outreach, especially high-level clients." 

Phil Walden, Moviepilot

"Winmo's immense database of companies and contacts is superior to any other service we have used."

Adam Warfield, Bluewater Media

"An indispensable tool for agency new business. Winmo makes it easy to discover new brands that may be a good partnership fit for our agency."  

Danielle Peters, Southwest Media Group

“Getting intelligence about brands and opportunities is challenging... Winmo bridges the gap and allows us to identify new opportunities seamlessly. "

Bill Durrant, Exverus Media

"Cuts the amount of time I spend identifying the right people and getting their contact information by more than 50%."  

David Mattson, Nomology

"As a business development professional, Winmo helps me find the right decision-maker at the right time." 

Sean Boylan, Socialtyze

"My experience with Winmo has been awesome and has resulted in new business!" 

Drew Annas, Huddle

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Verified Decision-Makers

Winmo tracks budget-owners responsible for $100 billion in marketing spend, mapping 175,000+ key decision-makers across parent companies, brands, and agencies. 

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Verified Budget Owners


Brand-Agency Relationships

$100 Billion

Marketing Investment

2 hrs

Avg. Daily Time Savings

100 Billion

In Tracked Marketing Spend

Build lists of dream clients with unique filters, including:

- Title, Territory, or Industry

- RFP Likelihood

- Planning or Buying Period

- Spend by Medium

Scale Your Outreach

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Measured Media Types

60 Day

- Company Size or Revenue

- Target Demographic

- In-House Media or Creative

- and MORE!


New Business Predictions

Beat your competition to the pitch with WinmoEdge, the industry’s first sales opportunity predictor. Get a daily rundown of brands boosting spend and vendor opportunities before the dollars are spent or the RFP goes out. 

Get Tomorrow's Opportunities Today

Advanced Opportunity Warning


Prediction Accuracy

3-18 Months