Agency New Business Tools Mashup

With the release of the annual Mirren/RSW New Business Tools Report, agency professionals are taking a closer look at their new business toolkit to see what’s actually working and what new resources should be added.

Giving a proactive and candid look at the landscape of agency new business and the tools needed to grow your business, this report offers an industry guide on what’s working for successful agencies, and what’s not. Our infographic below gives a quick glimpse into the platforms helping agencies build hyper-targeted prospect lists to fuel their sales and marketing outreach.

We couldn’t be more proud that more agencies than ever call Winmo and The List the most accurate, most reliable and most preferred list-building tool to win more business.

To download this infographic, click here.

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    By: Jennifer Groese

    VP of Marketing for List Partners Inc. – a strategic marketer who loves creating content that bridges the gap between sales and marketing and fuels growth for our clients.

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