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Winmo is a sales intelligence platform that points you to the right prospects, at the right accounts, at the right time. Because having accurate, timely sales insights is waaaaaaay better than not!

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Get ahead of competitors with predictive sales intelligence

Winmo’s predictive sales intelligence keeps you looking forward – not backwards – so you can seize opportunities coming down the pipeline, and beat others to the sale.

Connect with Advertising & Media prospects using predictive sales intelligence from Winmo. Forge relationships, expand your client list and get the inside scoop on sales opportunities before they break. With the most accurate contact information for decision-makers at National Brands & their Agencies, Winmo helps you get in front of the right prospects at the right time.

Our most successful clients leverage Winmo’s predictive sales intelligence to:

  • Find lead opportunities first – Instead of reading old news in a trade pub, find out about opportunities months before they break, so you’re more likely to close.
  • Nail the timing of your outreach – Know exactly when an opportunity is expected to hit, so you can start nurturing the lead at just the right time.
  • Keep your pipeline fat & happy – While you’re prospecting for today, we’re looking ahead on your behalf to ensure you’ve got a pipeline full of qualified sales leads.
  • Look good, without the work – Get everything you need to know about a sales opportunity in one short article. Delivered on a silver platter, Winmo serves up the “who, what, when and why” so all you have to do is copy, paste and look like a rockstar.

I can’t fathom doing what I do without Winmo. I could do it, but it would be a lot harder. Winmo has clean and neat aggregation of more information than I have seen anywhere else.

Tom Parsons Executive Director Brand Development Already Been Chewed

Winmo has their act together. They provide consistently updated, insightful, and economically organized information. It allows a sales or marketing person to get to the heart of the matter, digest the meat and potatoes data required for business development, and take action. Winmo helps me to sell to strangers. Winmo tells me who is where, what they might be interested in, and I can reach out from there and attempt to sell.

Jon Stemmler Programmatic Mechanics

The main reason I was able to acquire a $2.5MM deal was viewing the sponsorship landscape was through WinmoEdge. As larger companies may appear to be reigning in their high dollar sponsorship commitments, private companies in market tend to be willing to partner with athletics/sports organizations. I was able to identify through Edge the appropriate categories spending on corporate sponsorships and prospect accordingly.

Malik Thomas Sr Manager, Corp Sponsorships UCF Athletics Association

You can trust us, we’ve got a proven track record of success.

Our team of WinmoEdge analysts are tracking industry movements daily and translating them into quick reads you can act on now. The best part? We’re delivering our lead predictions 3 – 18 months in advance, and we have a proven 74% rate of accuracy (meaning the sales opportunity became available in the time frame we forecasted).

That means 7 times out of 10, our lead predictions come true. Talk about your business development crystal ball!

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