Personnel Shifts are Happening; How Sales Intelligence Platforms Can Keep You Informed

May 11, 2020

An unfortunate ripple effect of COVID-19 is the turnover of personnel across multiple industries, especially among agencies.

Keeping track of the specific prospects and business development opportunities you want to grow can get hazy during this time. But, with a product like Winmo, it can do the hard work for you. Unlike other sales tools, Winmo’s data is verified by living, breathing researchers- not bots- every day. In fact, our entire database is completely verified in 60 days. Below we have outlined some of the ways Winmo can help you save time and outline opportunity.

Real-Time Alerts on Personnel Changes

Data goes stale quickly. In pre-COVID times we found that over a four-month period 7% of people exit their current company and an additional 9% have job title changes. Amidst the pandemic, those figures are escalating, and while our research team is still monitoring the fall out the industry has seen. It’s estimated that 62% of employed Americans working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and 33.5 million people unemployed.

Our users are relying on Winmo’s real-time alerts to tell them when companies, agencies or even entire categories they care about have notable personnel changes. In the midst of massive layoffs, Winmo users are first to know when a company has hired a new marketing director, or brand manager, or media planner, so that they can be one of the first to establish a relationship with a prospect.

Real-time alerts also relay when an advertiser has a change in their agency roster, or a newsworthy update in our prospecting publication WinmoEdge, which brings us to our next point.

Sales Triggers & Predictions

WinmoEdge is the secret weapon for many of our successful clients.

While most trade publications report on sales opportunities or ad campaigns after they’re launched (aka after the budget is already spent), WinmoEdge analysts monitor the subtle triggers that predict marketing spend. Our analysts scour SEC filings, earnings reports and spend data to alert sellers to opportunities at the earliest indication.

That translates to an unfair advantage in knowing which brands to reach out to now. Every day, we’re looking at emerging brands that have gotten funding, or established marketers whose spend is fluctuating, or those who are likely to hire new agencies.

WinmoEdge alerts can be customized based on the specific region you are targeting. From there, your alert can be narrowed down by article type and industry, i.e. Decision Makers on the Move in eCommerce and Retail Industries. Getting these alerts each morning gives a seller a considerable edge over the competition, while also spelling out the reasons why they should approach.

Our Decision Makers on the Move articles highlight changes in an employee that could result in a prospecting trigger. Our WinmoEdge articles & article alerts give you valuable research time back to crafting outreach messages and closing deals.

“My favorite tool, however, is Winmo Edge. Having access to those up to date articles is huge! The easy accessibility to find contacts at companies makes it very easy to prospect.”

Spencer Buckley, Head of Business Development, Brands at Linage Digital

Within our WinmoEdge articles, brands also receive a vulnerable account index score. New business opportunities in ‘close watch’ and ‘future possibilities’ indicate that our analysts have seen signs of an upcoming change in 18-12 months. “On the Brink’ and ‘Account in Jeporady’ indicate even more change withing this prospect with a review predicted in 12-6 months out. A vulnerable account score titled ‘Review imminent’ symbolizes an upcoming change and our researcher suggests reaching out now.

Reaching High-Value Prospects at Scale

Building targeted lists are yet another way Winmo as a prospecting tool can help you save time – we have attached a video here to explain best practices to build contact lists. This feature allows sellers to use their time more efficiently, by identifying high-value accounts (those likely to convert) based on characteristics like areas of spend, industry, demographics etc. From there, sellers can leverage that list to scale up their prospecting efforts and reach a large volume of potential clients.

Winmo is updating our database daily to keep up with the industries you need to connect with. If you are looking to save energy and time during your prospecting, request your demo here. 

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