Top 5 Tools for New Startups

Top 5 Tools for New Startups

With the steady incline of billion dollar startups continuing to strive, this seems like the best time to throw your ideas into the mix, right? We think so.

Before you go throwing any hats into any rings, keep in mind that there is a big difference between having a great idea and actually getting that idea off the ground. After all, there is no guarantee that yours will be one of those billion dollar “unicorn” startups.

Luckily, we live in a digital age where valuable tools and resources are just a click away. So, to help you get your idea off the ground, we have put together a list of helpful tools that will help you avoid unforeseen obstacles and set your startup on the path to success from the very beginning.


FounderFox is an app that lets you share your startup or product with hundreds of users and venture capitalists. All you have to do is create a two minute video with your business proposal and from there people can up-vote, email, tweet or view your link.

With this simple tool, you can get your startup in front of some of the biggest VC’s and not only benefit from their feedback, but potentially generate interest in future funding. After all, what startup doesn’t want or need funding?

Jumpstartup toolkit

This tool gives you everything you need to create a website for your startup. It also allows you to promote your startup in the right places.

The kit includes: HTML page templates, HTML components, 6 HTML email templates, social media templates, VC contact list, launch checklist, site submission test, 58 blog topics to get you started, editorial calendar template and 52 email templates. All this sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Actually, this all comes at a $19 price tag. Shocked? We were too.


This website is filled with valuable insights from successful founders and investors. It also gives you the opportunity to share your own insights with others. Some of their featured collections include: building company culture, finding the perfect co-founder, hiring people and so much more.

Startup Stash

Startup Stash is a curated directory of resources and tools that can assist you in anything startup related. You don’t know what to name your company? This tool can help. The resources provided include: market research, analytics, product demos, launching, early users, and the list goes on.


This site has landing page inspiration galore. As any good marketer knows, the better looking your landing pages are, the more traffic you will drive back to your site. The site includes a collection of hundreds of landing page designs that you can use for inspiration. Visit it regularly to discover elegant designs and websites.

We hope that you find these tools useful as you get your startup off the ground. And from there you can use this handy startup playbook to build a sustainable growth strategy for your business.


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