Video Advertising Trends & Ad Spend Predictions

February 3, 2016

Engagement and digital ad viewability have become big hitters in the industry, triggering unprecedented spend increases on video advertising this year.

The process for media planning and buying looks very different today than it did even just a couple of years ago. Advertisers are actively shifting marketing budgets from digital display and traditional ad creatives to video and content assets to drive engagement and increase spend efficiency.

Of course, the popularity of online videos among global audiences has translated into a booming market category for advertisers. So much so, that more than half of brand marketers expect their video advertising budgets to increase significantly in the next few years.

Challenges & Opportunities for Digital Advertising Sales

As digital advertising and technology adapt and grow in the marketplace, modern publishers who offer differentiated, creative solutions will have every advantage when it comes to attracting and winning new business with companies all over the world.

The best thing digital ad sellers can do to drive revenue growth in the year ahead is to combine programmatic processes with innovative digital packages that reach the right audiences at the right time.

At the end of the day, business models that rely on revenue from banner ads and other digital display ads are a recipe for disaster as video advertising gains traction in the marketplace.

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