The Future of Mobile Advertising & Programmatic

February 1, 2016

The marketing industry has undergone some big changes in recent years. However, up to this point, nothing has been as revolutionary as mobile.

Mobile device usage is growing at an unprecedented rate, which of course translates to increased mobile advertising spend as every marketer wants in on the action. 

Mobile Advertising Opportunities

Business is booming for digital publishers who have rolled out mobile inventory with programmatic buying options to top it all off.

As consumers spend more and more time on mobile devices the need for mobile ad inventory increases exponentially. In order to survive in the marketplace – much less prosper – publishers will have to change their business models and sales cultures. And the sooner this shift happens, the better it is for long-term revenue growth.  

Challenges for Media Sales

Media companies that rely on traditional revenue models will have a hard time drumming up newMobile_Advertising_1.png business this year as advertisers flock to innovative and creative ad campaigns.

Brands dropped display, TV and print budgets significantly in 2015, choosing to reallocate marketing dollars to digital, mobile advertising and content initiatives instead.

As it stands right now, mobile spend accounts for 83% of new advertising dollars from 2014-2017.

And now that programmatic has become an integral piece of mobile ad sales, those staggering numbers will only become more staggering as time goes on.

Key Takeaway

In the end, the most effective way to win new business this year, and every year after, is going to require agile, creative and innovative sales strategies.


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