10 Office Pranks You Should Try Today

10 Office Pranks You Should Try Today

As someone who would personally do anything for a laugh, it feels wrong writing a blog post about advertising trends or generating sales leads, or strategies for winning new business, when the real win could come from pranking your coworkers to celebrate April Fools Day.

I know, I know, it’s not technically April Fools Day until Sunday, but unless you’ll be with your co-workers then, the time to prank is now.

**Please note that if you plan on pranking someone who has the ability to fire you, I would advise you to carefully consider it. I think your best bet is to start with your sales team and work from there. Those salespeople are always game for a good prank – plus it’s the end of Q1 so I doubt they’re even busy (I’m kidding, obviously).

With that said, after spending the appropriate amount of time one should researching office pranks, I have put together a list of 10 that you should try, or at least use for inspiration. 

  1. Seems easy enough.
  2. Great prank, but also a great way to give someone a heart attack.

    If doors aren’t your thing, apparently chairs work too.
  3. You could also do this to the microwave, the printer, the copier, the list goes on…
  4. The purrrr-fect prank for a dog person.
  5. This one is equally as terrifying as it is easy to execute.
  6. Of all of the pranks you could play on a person, this one might upset me the most.
  7. Run to a craft store on your lunch break and pick up some googly eyes – this one will still be funny when you get to work on Monday.

  8. What else would you use a sticky note for?
  9. Who knew goldfish would be involved in multiple office pranks. Also, if you try this one,  please make sure you have a good home lined up for the goldfish when you’re done – or at least a normal bowl.
  10. And finally, a classic banana phone…works every time.

While some of these may take a bit more planning than others, all office pranks are funny. Nothing lifts the spirits of a work environment quite like a perfectly executed prank. Want to know the best part? It doesn’t need to be April Fools Day to prank your co-workers (it just makes it slightly more acceptable), so use these pranks year round – you know you want to.

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