Women’s History Month & Female Frontier Awards Honorees

March 2, 2021

It’s Women’s History Month and we’re here to honor those who kick ass in the marketing and advertising industry. Though women, especially mothers, have long been the target audience for brands due to their purchasing power, we are still fighting for more influence behind the scenes. To communicate to women as women. Throughout March, we will highlight leading women in our industry, showing their strength, talent, and importance in effective sales, as well.

Download the Female Frontier Awards 2021 Honorees list

Carol Gilligan, in her work, In a Different Voice, claimed that men communicate to obtain information, establish status, and show independence. In contrast, women exchange feelings with the language of connection and intimacy. While self-oriented men want transactions, the other-oriented people-powered women are interested in relationships. Men talk about their rights, and women prioritize responsibilities.

These create much different points-of-view for promotion and highlights the importance of women in executive communication roles. Luckily, our friends at Campaign US are not only on top of these trends and insights but honor the women rising to the top of the industry, too.

According to Campaign US:

Campaign US revealed the honorees for its third annual Female Frontier awards on Tuesday. Celebrating female leaders and rising stars breaking boundaries in a historically male-dominated industry.

The executives on this list have been selected by a panel of industry leaders from top agencies and brands. Each honoree has been chosen for their hard work and leadership across creativity, media, and technology, and their ability to make positive change.

“Given that women make the majority of purchasing decisions in U.S. households, balanced female leadership in the advertising and marketing industry is simply good business,” said Campaign US editor Alison Weissbrot.

“We’re proud to honor these amazing women who have pushed through the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’ to make breakthrough work and shape organizations that make the industry what it is today. Women’s contributions to advertising and marketing should not and cannot go unnoticed.”

Campaign US will celebrate the honorees at a virtual event on March 4. Register now.

We already know these are highly skilled, confident, and busy women. Luckily, here’s you a powerful introduction to kick outreach, “Congratulations on the Female Frontier Awards honor.”

Here are some other tips to ensure your prospecting email is successful:

  • First, include a brief statement of your company or problem you solve and clear next steps.
  • Next, be professionally personable. Reference the prospect’s previous position, common connections, or other relevant companies that value your services.
  • Then, adapt each email outreach to the person on the other end. How they respond to information is more important than how you prefer to deliver it.
  • Finally, stay consistent and make sure each email is shorter and shorter. Then, pick up the phone and leave a voicemail or connect on Linkedin.

Download the Female Frontier Awards 2021 Honorees list

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