New Sales Intelligence Platform, Winmo, Profoundly Changes Business Development for Its Subscribers

New Sales Intelligence Platform, Winmo, Profoundly Changes Business Development for Its Subscribers

Atlanta, GA, October 2, 2015 (Newswire) –List Partners Inc. (LPI), the company that brought you The List Online and AdDataExpress, announced the release of its latest sales intelligence software, Winmo.

Coming off its 20th anniversary in the advertising and media marketplace, LPI has always had a strong pulse on the needs of those targeting national advertisers and their agencies. Harnessing that expertise, the company has now revolutionized how sales professionals prospect for and win new business.

Sales teams have been endlessly searching for companies, decision-makers and reasons to engage with top prospects – until now. Changing the role of business development, Winmo provides a new way to prospect for sales opportunities; a dynamic transition that serves clients with real-time recommendations and alerts based on their unique prospecting patterns.

“Winmo is the only sales platform that serves sales professionals with intelligence on companies, decision-makers and why to engage them in real-time,” said Dave Currie, President of List Partners Inc. “We’re empowering teams to be more strategic with their prospecting, helping them to close the sales gap to win more business.”

This evolutionary prospecting tool fuels new business growth by providing a personalized user experience that maximizes prospecting efficiency. Using proprietary technology, the platform recognizes each user’s unique prospecting needs and delivers targeted sales intelligence on top prospects in return. Tracking prospecting activity and profile engagements over time, Winmo also makes lead recommendations that are worth pursuing.

“Online retailers are serving recommendations to their shoppers every day based on items they’re purchasing or browsing on their sites, said Jennifer Groese, Director of Marketing, List Partners Inc. “Winmo does the same thing – depending on the advertisers, agencies or decision-makers you’re prospecting on a regular basis, our platform serves you with suggestions on other like opportunities worth pursuing.”
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About Winmo

An evolution of The List Online and AdDataExpress, winmo serves as a truly human prospecting solution for those who target national advertisers and their agencies. The platform’s dynamic, predictive search capabilities deliver customized lead recommendations, accurate agency/brand relationships, decision-maker information and in-depth spend reports, enabling sales professionals to replace reactive prospecting with proactive business development.

Known for concise, actionable business intelligence, winmo provides a clear roadmap on how to connect with top prospects, engage in profitable conversations and win more new business. For more information visit

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