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Service: full service

Main Telephone (612) 399-0500
Main Fax (612) 339-1700
Primary Address
921 Washington Avenue, South
Minneapolis, MN 55415

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Bill S. Chairman MN
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Email: *****@*******.***
Main Phone: (612) 399-0500
Direct Phone: *** **** ***   ext: ****
Direct Fax: *** **** ***
Assistant Name: ** **** ***
Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 921 Washington Avenue, South
Minneapolis, MN

Greg K. Vice Chair MN
Virginia H. Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer MN
Liz R. President & Chief Executive Officer MN
Peter N. Chief Creative Officer MN

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Brand Service From To Media Spend
******** ****** ************** *********** AOR - creative 2000 present ******
******** *********** media buying & planning unknown present *******
****** *** **** AOR - creative, digital, media buying & planning 2002 present *
****** *** **** AOR - creative, digital, media buying & planning 1989 present *
****** *** **** ** ***** AOR - creative, digital, media buying & planning 1989 present *

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Millennial Media Opps: Essentia Water debuts first campaign from new AOR

About two months after announcing that Essentia Water has launched a fully-integrated campaign to build national brand awareness. The campaign is targeted to Essentia's key markets, including LA, NYC and Portland, and features Essentia's new logo and tagline. It is running across outdoor, radio, digital, paid social media, influencer marketing, field marketing and in-store retail displays. 

Zola Kane, Essentia's  senior director of digital marketing, recently told Ad Exchanger that: "Our number one goal is to bring our brand messaging to life across digital platforms regardless of the channel" and that digital has become "foundational" to everything the brand does. Therefore, digital sellers who can get the brand in front of its target demographic, 18-to-34-year-olds, should be looking for dollars here. Kane also added that programmatic is "really important" to Essentia and the brand approaches it with "performance in mind." Therefore, they are constantly evaluating any tactic or platform used to disseminate the brand's message. 

Keep in mind that Kane also said that Essentia is thinking "about targeting based on mindset, things like lifestyle, passions, interests and behaviors," so it seems that authenticity will be the key to securing revenue. She added that the brand's messaging will appear on Men's Health, GQ, InStyle, Spotify and Pandora this summer. 

In addition to Periscope, Retail Voodoo, a brand strategy and packaging design agency, "played key roles" in this brand evolution, market research, messaging and creative execution. Since Periscope was just named AOR in March, that position will not be available in the foreseeable future (campaign results notwithstanding). However, the fact that two other shops assisted with the campaign signals that project-based work may be available later in the year. 

Below was originally published on 3/31:

Growing bottled water brand Bottled water is so hot right now, so it's no surprise that an up-and-coming brand would turn to outside help to raise brand awareness. Bothell, Wash.-based Essentia's review was managed by Promontory Brands, and the goal was to find a partner to differentiate the "ionized alkaline water" products in the flooded space. While brand awareness is certainly top-of-mind, CEO and Founder Ken Uptain is ultimately looking to "disrupt the entire market" with the brand.

Sellers - you know the drill: a creative hire means that a new campaign will launch soon. While Essentia does not currently spend much on paid media, it has several celebrity fans helping to raise its profile. For example, spotted with the water at last year's Coachella. 

hangovers do get worse with age (also, water is wet and the sky is blue).

Rehydrating the over-imbibers could be another interesting target for the company. So, sellers should look to target Gen-X and millennial demos that are likely to spend money on fancy water and are also more susceptible to celebrity influence. 

Agency readers - since media reviews tend to follow creative (and vice versa), there's a chance media work could be up for grabs in the bear future. However, while not specifically mentioned in the press release, on EW's website, all paid media inquires are to be directed to Periscope at We'll let you know when we get all the details worked out here. 

Additional Information

Digital Breakdown: Per Pathmatics, EW has spent $14,000 on digital display ads since Jan. 2016 (4.2 million impressions). All ads were desktop ads and 82% were placed through SiteScout (the remainder were placed site direct). Top ad destinations include,, and

Essentia Water  
22833 Bothell Everett Hwy.
Suite 220
Bothell, WA 98021
(425) 402-9555

Karyn Arahamson
Vice President, Marketing & Brand Innovation
(425) 402-9555