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Service: full service

Main Telephone (816) 842-1500
Main Fax
Primary Address
1740 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

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Name Title State
Bill F. Founder MO
Sample of Associated Brands
Email: *****@*******.***
Main Phone: (816) 842-1500
Direct Phone: *** **** ***   ext: ****
Direct Fax: *** **** ***
Assistant Name: ** **** ***
Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 1740 Main Street
Kansas City, MO

Jeff K. Chief Executive Officer MO
Dan F. President & Chief Operating Officer MO
Tim G. Chief Idea Officer MO
Amy A. Chief Legal Counsel & Executive Vice President, Human Resources MO

Client Relationships

Brand Service From To Media Spend
******** ******* *********, ***. public relations 2001 present *******
******** ****** ********, ***. AOR - creative 2008 present ******
** **** ***** ***. Creative 2018 present ******
*** * *****, ***. creative 2007 present *******
***** ****** AOR - media buying & planning 2008 present *

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Millennial Media Opps: #39 Noodles & Co pulling marketing spend until operations are consistent (score 84)

Update (8/14): Every quarter, it's a different story with

Therefore, sellers - put N&C a little further out on your prospecting radar and make sure to include plenty of ROI language in your pitches. YTD, Pathmatics reports that N&C has spent only $35,000 on digital display ads (9.9 million impressions); the chain does not currently run national TV ads. 

Instead, Boennighausen said the chain is focusing on its rewards program during this time, potentially opening up work for digital and martech service providers. N&C is also focused on innovation and bringing back lapsed guests, which he said is a "great brand awareness opportunity" for the company. He said even though the brand is "unique," differentiation and brand awareness in its markets "requires a bit more work."

Noodles appointed Jonathan Tress as marketing VP last July (more Barkley's relationship with Noodles hit average AOR tenure (2.5-3 years) in December, an agency review could be right around the corner, especially since tweaking messaging is a top priority for the chain.  

We also just learned that Noodles is working with IMM on digital media, but we're unsure how long this relationship has been in place. The same three-to-six month cooling off period probably applies to you, too, agency eaders. Therefore, while this opportunity isn't immediate, make sure to keep an eye on the chain.

Read more about N&C's Q1 earnings call and marketing plans below (maybe you'll be able to make heads or tails of it).


​Below was originally published on 6/2:

In March, we told you about Noodles & Co.'s intentions to boost marketing spend in order to raise brand awareness (more info below). In the recent Q1 earnings call, interim CEO and CFO Dave Boennighausen provided a little more color about the plans. When asked about marketing plans, Boennighausen said that Noodles has had "too much messaging" that meant guests were ultimately not receiving a "coherent, cohesive positioning of our brand."

Moving forward, Noodles will try to bring back a "lot more of the fun and energy that has been a hallmark of the brand," which means assessing merchandising, social media platforms and the chain's approach to media in general. 

To accomplish this, Boennighausen said Noodles will have media in select markets toward the back half of the year. In fact, spend will rise from about 1% of revenue in Q1 to "probably" 1.5% in H2. As we told you earlier this year, sellers should be looking for increased digital and direct dollars, as well as traditional media in established markets, such as Denver.

Traditional media is expected to expand to a more national level over the next year, so even if you aren't in Noodles largest markets, there could be dollars here in the future. Currently, the highest density of Noodles locations are in Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Washington, DC.

Noodles appointed Jonathan Tress as marketing VP last July (more IMM on digital media currently, but are unsure how long this relationship has been in place. 

Keep in mind that Barkley's relationship with Noodles pre-dated Mears, so chances are even higher for a review since two marketing leads have left during the tenure. 

One more thing: Jeff Nieberding joined Noodles as creative director in February, where he is the creative lead on the company's rebranding efforts, so look for efforts to accelerate soon. 

Below was originally published on 3/9:

During last week's Q4 earnings call, judge of that, Dave.

He started by saying that there is an "enormous" opportunity for the brand in terms of brand awareness. He noted that while the Noodle's concept is unique and differentiated, this is more of a long-term benefit. In the short-term, the company has to work harder to build that awareness , and the company has not traditionally spent much to "bring the brand to life" from a marketing perspective.

The marketing that the company has done in the past, he said, was sort of for naught, since operations were not in a place where guests were getting the best brand experience. This means the focus has been on getting operations "back to a level that when we did activate the brand through marketing, we would be giving a great experience."

"I feel we are pretty darn close to that," said Boennighausen, and as such, "you will start seeing is actually activating a marketing level spend that's higher than where we are at today." Specifically, short-term plans are to accelerate a "lot of our" digital media and direct mail, as well as traditional media in Noodles' more established markets (traditional media will expand over time).

Sellers - these are your marching orders: look for dollars in these channels, particularly in markets such as Denver, DC, Indianapolis and Colorado Springs. Sellers with a millennial parent focus will likely have an advantage here, as well. 

Last summer, Noodles appointed Jonathan Tress as marketing VP (more 

Additional Information

Media Spend: Per Kantar Media, Noodles spent $2.1 million on measured media through Q3 2016 - nearly double what was spent for full 2015 ($1.2 million). Interestingly, most of this spend was allocated to radio and outdoor ads. 

Digital Breakdown: Year to date, Pathmatics reports that Noodles has spent only $800 on digital display ads (308,000 impressions). This is a significant decrease from the same period last year, when $4,400 was spent (442,000 impressions). 

For full 2016, Noodles spent $41,500 on digital display ads (12.8 million impressions) - the majority of which were desktop ads (85%). See chart for impressions sources and spend share.

Top ad destinations included,,, and 

Noodles & Company
520 Zang St. 
Suite D 
Broomfield, CO 80021 
(720) 214-1900   

Jonathan Tress
Vice President, Marketing
(720) 214-1900