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Main Telephone (919) 313-0802
Main Fax (919) 313-0805
Primary Address
318 Blackwell Street
Durham, NC 27614

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Janet N. Partner, Executive Vice President & Director, Agency Communications NC
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Email: *****@*******.***
Main Phone: (919) 313-0802
Direct Phone: *** **** ***   ext: ****
Direct Fax: *** **** ***
Assistant Name: ** **** ***
Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 318 Blackwell Street
Durham, NC

Tim J. Partner & Chief Financial Officer NC
John N. Partner & President NC
Jonathan C. Partner & Chief Creative Officer NC
Walt B. Chief Strategy Officer NC

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Brand Service From To Media Spend
**** ***** AOR - creative, digital, media buying & planning 2008 present *
*** **** ******* ******* AOR - creative 2007 present *
******, ***. AOR - creative 2014 present ********
****** Media Planning, Public Relations, Social 2017 present *
*****, ***. Media Buying, Media Planning 2014 present *******

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Q2-Q3 Media Opps: Crocs names global brand ambassadors for new campaign (Score 66)

Subject: TV, digital, social media, outdoor, mobile

Company: Crocs

‚ÄčUpdate (12/15): Well, the enhancements have been announced, but I can't promise how "exciting" they are (see below). For the upcoming "Come As You Are" campaign, Crocs has tapped Drew Barrymore, John Cena, Henry Lau as global brand ambassadors. The campaign, which will launch in early 2017, will celebrate the uniqueness of individuals and serve as "an invitation for people to come together and share their one-of-a-kind-ness," said CEO Gregg Ribatt.

Barrymore said she was "immediately drawn to the positivity of the campaign" (and I'm assuming the campaign is NOT "these shoes are positively hideous"). For his part, Cena said he has a "real, personal connection with 'Come As You Are.' Not being afraid to be yourself is something I have lived and encouraged since I was 14-years-old." Joining Barrymore and Cena are South Korean actress YOONA and singer-songwriter Henry Lau. 

So, here's the deal: I understand the sentiment behind this campaign, but are we buying things because John Cena wants us to? But no one consulted me, so if you'd like to secure some of this upcoming new campaign revenue, go ahead and begin reaching out since "Come As You Are" is slated to debut in 2017. While not many other details about the campaign have been announced yet, you can read more about what we do know below.

Below was originally published on 11/16:

Opportunity: Gregg Ribatt stated during the Q3 earnings call that Crocs would announce "exciting enhancements" to its spring/summer 2017 marketing campaign "in the near future." Ribatt didn't give many details during the call, but sellers should take note that enhancements are slated and continue reaching out for digital dollars. Ribatt said the company has done some recent brand study work, and Andrew Rees mentioned that the 2017 marketing campaign would include "significant investments" and a key strategic shift, making it imperative that you are looking for dollars here now.

Remember that Crocs has shifted much of its spend into digital during 2016, so start looking for revenue in this channel first. Read more about 2016's expanded #FindYourFun campaign here.

Sellers - TV spend is traditionally deployed during the summer months, so be sure you are reaching out now to secure revenue for next year. The same is true of digital spend, so Q2/Q3 are your target periods.

Agency readers - in August, Crocs reportedly began looking for a new digital partner. During the call, Rees mentioned that some of Crocs "key relationships" are under NDA, so we are not sure who (if anyone) was appointed. This doesn't t mean we aren't trying and will let you know as we learn more.

In August, we reached out to McKinney, creative and media AOR, who told us they were still partners with Crocs. You have to wonder for how much longer, though. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Additional Information

Experience: Keep in mind that Heidi Cooley just joined the company as VP of global marketing from The Sports Authority, filling the position that current CMO Terence Reilly held before his September 2015 promotion. 

New Product Launch: During Q3, Crocs debuted a collaboration with Christopher Kane, which execs said drew a "good deal" of positive media attention - demonstrating a fundamental misunderstanding of the word "postive."

Sustained Struggles: You can read up on all of WinmoEdge's thoughts, feelings and concerns about Crocs e.

Media Spend: According to Kantar Media, Crocs spent $11.7 million on measured media in 2015. Most of this was allocated to broadcast and desktop ads.

National TV Spend: Per 

For the same period 2015, $5.9 million was spent on national TV ads, which were also run during the summer months. 

Digital Breakdown: Pathmatics reports that Crocs' total digital spend for 2016 thus far is $2.2 million (425.9 million impressions). The majority of these ads are desktop (69%), while most of the remaining spend was allocated to online video ads (23%).

You can see an example of these digital ads on the right, and let me be the first to answer it with a resounding, "SHE, HER, ME - SHE DOES."

Ads were placed site direct (55%), as well as through Amazon (22%), Collective Media (6%) and BlogHer (6%). Top ad destinations include:,,,, and

7477 East Drage Creek Pkwy.
Niwot, CO 80503
(303) 468-4260

Terence Reilly
Chief Marketing Officer (promoted Sept. 2015)
(303) 468-4260