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Main Telephone (646) 587-5000
Main Fax (646) 587-5005
Primary Address
200 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10007

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Shane A. President - North America NY
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Email: *****@*******.***
Main Phone: (646) 587-5000
Direct Phone: *** **** ***   ext: ****
Direct Fax: *** **** ***
Assistant Name: ** **** ***
Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 200 Hudson Street

New York, NY

Jason K. Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer NY
Peter M. Chief Executive Officer NY
Colin K. Chief Executive Officer, North America NY
Peter S. Chief Intelligence Officer NY

Client Relationships

Brand Service From To Media Spend
****** ********** AOR - media buying & planning 1999 present *
******** **** ********** & ******** ********* media buying & planning 2012 present *
****** & *****, ***. Media Buying, Media Planning 2018 present ********
*******-***** ****** ******* Media Buying, Media Planning 2017 present *******
******* *********** ** ******* media buying & planning unknown present ********

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Account in Jeopardy Update: Papa John’s taps media AOR amid promotions, CMO search (Score 73)

Update: The four nations seem to be establishing peace, folks. Following a competitive review, Vulnerable Account Index (VAI), is still in search of a CMO, but it promoted global brand strategy and consumer connections Melissa Richards-Person to the position of SVP and chief brand officer. SVP and chief information and digital officer Mike Nettles was also appointed as the company's first chief operating and growth officer to oversee customer experience improvement efforts.

Read more about the company's recent rebrand and drama (for anyone wondering - yes, Schnatter is still publicly whining) below. 

Below was originally published on 9/21:

Since John Schnatter continues to 

It is also considering a new, apostrophe-free (apostro-free) logo (see right), which might not debut officially until early 2019 due to the trademark office's process.

“Moving forward, you’ll continue to see and hear from those who make up our family," the company said. "Diversity and inclusion must, and will, be at the core of everything we do. It’s more than an initiative, it’s a company-wide effort to celebrate our values. … As we continue to ‘Do Better,’ we will reinforce this spirit of unity where all people are respected, welcomed and celebrated as their authentic selves within our walls and the communities we serve.”

The pizza chain has also recently launched earlier this month.

In the month since the article below, where you can read about the entire shebang, was written, Pathmatics report that the company's YTD national TV and digital display spends have increased to $65.3 million and $4.8 million, respectively.

Below was originally published on 5/18:

Papa John's news: Papa John is canceled. And is taking his namesake pizza chain with him, it seems.

local cuts, and pizza crusts.

When Papa John, AKA founder and former CEO John Schnatter, used the You're doing amazing, sweetie.

And, readers, LS was not alone in its decision; PR AOR since earlier this year, Olson Engage, has also departed. "We were hired to help their brand, franchisees and employees recover from recent controversies and connect with consumers in new and exciting ways," the agency said. "On the consumer front, we did precisely that through several programs that delivered very positive results. But we had significant recurring differences with their founder regarding the best way to address the controversies and restore and advance the brand's corporate reputation for the good of their workforce and franchisees."

Fallon Worldwide, which had picked up creative work in June, also saw the company's issues as a, well, fall-ing out, distancing itself after barely a month since it "had significant recurring differences with their founder regarding the best way to address the controversies and restore and advance the brand's corporate reputation for the good of their workforce and franchisees."

Media agency a Forbes piece on the company's toxic culture

The University of Louisville has announced plans to change the name of its football stadium from PJ's Cardinal Stadium to, surprisingly, just Cardinal Stadium. Woof.

Bozoma Saint John, CMO at Endeavor Global Marketing, is helping the company get back into consumers' good graces. Her team has already started working across all of PJ's channels, with a new marketing campaign announced for the fall. “This isn’t an apology ad campaign,” she said. “It has to be cultural and deeply moving … the 120,000 employees of Papa John’s are not defined by one individual. How can we as EGM not just create a new narrative based on a value proposition, but convey what is truly inside Papa John’s?”

Now, the company is left with the task of rebuilding not only its reputation, but its entire brand, a risk companies take when they define themselves around a single person. What is Papa John's without Papa John? Indeed, a statement was released in which CEO Steve Ritchie promised the removal of Schnatter from all branding and marketing. We'll have to wait and see, folks, what happens when the company comes out of the PR oven it's in.

Speaking of moving forward, PJ is shockingly 

As far as marketing is concerned, PJ is focusing more on the quality of its ingredients than on any sort of apology (see above). So far this year, iSpot reports that it has spent $58.3 million on national TV commercials largely targeting various sports programs and The Office (see targeting right). The company's total 2017 spend rose to $128.1 million from $121.4 million the previous year.

According to Pathmatics, a year-to-date (YTD) digital display spend of $4.6 million has generated 427.6 million impressions, with most ads placed site direct (89%) on destinations including,,,, and Last year, PJ's full spend increased to $6.2 million from $5.6 million in 2016.

Per Kantar, it also tends to invest in outdoor and earned media channels, with print and radio spend having dropped throughout the past few years.

Agency & martech readers - so, PJ has no agencies on record right now. If you want to stick your hands in the fire, be my guest; the company can use all the help it can get. Have fun.

Speaking of having fun, you can read more about Edge's take on PJ here. I wish I had a cookie (or a cocktail) to give you for sitting through that. Woof.