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Winmo tracks decision makers who control $100 billion in marketing spend. Get to the right contacts at exactly the right time - when they're craving marketing exposure (and have the budget to spend with you).

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"Using Winmo, our team has grown our non epidemic revenue YOY 35%. Half the battle is getting to the right person and this tool allowed our sales team to get access to clients they did not know." 

Eric Schwab 

Chief Commercial Officer

TEN: The Enthusiasts Network 

"Winmo allows me to find contacts at hard-to-reach companies, source agencies' active account lists, find new agencies and brands in my territory, and remain current on what media clients are buying."

Charlotte Hartman 

Regional Account Director 

National CineMedia 

Broadcast Sales Executives 


"Winmo has as extensive database with accurate contact information. I love how it all ties together with agencies, companies and brands. It's a great place to build contact lists and figure out which agencies are working with which brands and vice versa." 

Michael Kinney 

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Beat your competition to the pitch with WinmoEdge, the industry’s first sales opportunity predictor. Get a daily rundown of brands boosting spend and vendor opportunities 3-18 months before the dollars are spent or the RFP goes out. WinmoEdge doesn’t just give you the lead – it even sets up the pitch for you. Get the relevant info for your email or phone outreach.

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Target prospects by title, territory, spend, industry, planning period – even advertisers handling creative or media in-house. Winmo’s smart filters make sure your prospect lists are full of quality leads most likely to convert. Unlike competitors, Winmo’s data is verified by living, breathing researchers – not bots – every 60 days.

Save Time Searching

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Winmo  gives you the specific brand AND agency contacts working on an account, with direct contact details. Mapping 175,000+ key decision-makers across parent companies, brands, and their agencies, Winmo shows you everyone involved in key marketing decisions, budget by budget, so you can reach the right CMO, media planner or brand manager without wasting time cross-checking.

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