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Get the latest social spend added to your Winmo account and see brands' investments across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With social ad insights powered by Pathmatics, you'll be able to understand a prospect's media mix before you reach. And with smart filters designed to hone in on this data, you can easily generate lists of prospects spending specific amounts across Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to generate lists of qualified leads.

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Sales teams winning more with Winmo Social Insights

Teams winning more with Winmo Social Insights

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Want to really outsmart your competition? Get unparalelled visibility into advertisers' buying behavior with Winmo Display Insights, an entire ad ecosystem delivered by our partners at Pathmatics. Reliable, up-to-date spending by format, with creative and publisher insights designed to surface actionable leads for media sellers, adtech vendors, agencies and more. It's a powerful tool for uncovering hidden opportunities, but don't take our word for it...

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Revenue teams winning more with Winmo Display Insights

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If one of my top retail advertisers only does desktop display with us and we see that they’re spending thousands more on video, we’ve got a problem. Winmo's ad intelligence helps us identify those opportunities, it's a natural fit.

Jason Webby 

VP Eastern Region



Winmo+ is designed to help you

Uncover Spend Insights

Identify advertisers surging on social, display, or video before connecting with budget-holders

Get the Full Picture

Understand creative, campaign strategy, and media mix to show you’ve done your homework

Crush Your Sales Goals

Get real-time spend and budget intel across the entire digital advertising ecosystem

Win Market Share

Identify brands spending with competitors (but not with you)

Spot Emerging Brands

Monitor spend spikes on TikTok, IG, YouTube and other early stops for emerging spenders

Size Up Budgets

Uncover spend across social, display, and video, mapped to publisher ad destinations

In addition, you will have access to the best that Winmo has to offer:

  • Daily sales leads from WinmoEdge
  • Media spend across 20+ channel
  • Brands' audience demographics & more

Reach the Right Contacts

Access brand & agency DMs responsible for $100 billion in marketing spend

  • Up-to-date brand & agency teams budget by budget
  • Planning and buying periods to time your outreach
  • Intent signals to intercept those in buying mode

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