Winmo Acquires Redbooks

Combined benefits from significantly more data, increased product innovation and broader account support.

Winmo is pleased to announce that it has acquired Redbooks. This acquisition brings together two best-in-breed technologies to provide an unmatched level of B2B sales intelligence for the advertising & media industry.

Winmo + Redbooks

Our Vision

“Historically, as two competing companies in the B2B advertising intelligence space, Winmo and Redbooks have maintained offerings that, while overlapping, have been focused on different aspects of sales intelligence. Now, the combination of those different focuses will provide customers with a best-in-class sales solution providing mission-critical intelligence.

– Dave Currie, CEO of Winmo

What is Winmo?

Winmo is a B2B sales intelligence leader that takes the guesswork out of prospecting. We enable sales professionals to identify decision-makers budget by budget, plus projected opportunity timelines so they know when to pitch their services, who to talk to, and what to say.


Why has Winmo Acquired Redbooks?

While historically Winmo and Redbooks have been competitors in the B2B advertising and media intelligence space, there are multiple synergies across both technologies. Our goal is to maximize those synergies by combining our content and development teams so that in return we can provide both you, and the market, a best-in-class software offering that gets you to the right prospects at the right time – faster and more accurately than ever before.

Will existing Redbooks customer contracts be interrupted?


No. Active Redbooks clients will continue to have access to the Redbooks platform, which will be fully supported, through the duration of your current subscription term. You can login as usual, and find all the information you rely daily without interruption.


What are the benefits for the combined solution?

The consolidation of these two best-in-class resources will accrue significant benefits to customers, in the form of:

  • A bigger customer success team providing a deeper level of account support and business development strategy.
  • Increased investment across research and product development to fuel more comprehensive data gathering and strategic product integrations that fit into our customer’s daily workflow.
  • Access to new applications like WinmoTalk’s exclusive social sales community and WinmoEdge’s predictive intelligence.
What if I'm a Redbooks & Winmo client?

For the immediate future, Winmo and Redbooks platforms will be separately maintained. Please continue using your separate logins at this time.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have questions regarding your Redbooks account please email us at