Frequently Asked Questions

Can Winmo help me identify new business opportunities before my competitors?

Yes. With the combined power of Winmo and WinmoEdge (formerly DailyVista), new business teams are equipped to identify exclusive sales opportunities 3-18 months before they happen. By forecasting important shifts like agency reviews and digital spending shifts so far in advance, we’re confident you’ll win the account and trump your competitors.

Does Winmo provide alerts when significant industry shifts occur?

Yes. Winmo provides personalized, real-time alerts so that you’re always aware of important changes on your top prospects. Tracking things like email and direct dial updates, or agency relationship changes on the brand level, you can feel confident there’s nothing slipping through the cracks.

How targeted are Winmo’s smart filters?

Search brands, agencies or contacts and leverage Winmo’s smart filters to pare down thousands of prospects based on: annual revenue, media spend by channel, industry, job title, locations, mobile occurrence, planning periods and more.

How is Winmo’s sales intelligence verified?

Winmo is backed by an in-house research team that pairs technology and human insight to cultivate and verify targeted information on a daily basis. We’re constantly tracking the client- and agency-side decision-makers responsible for North America’s top brand budgets. From CMOs to media planners, emails to direct dials, our team is verifying a large span of data to bring you accurate insights to empower you to win more business.

How can I find the national advertisers who are best fit for my company’s products/services?

Whether your delivery medium is digital, radio, broadcast, print or out-of-home Winmo helps to pinpoint the prospects that are buying what you’re selling, including the agency teams negotiating on their behalf. Focus on brands spending across 19 different types of measured media – even specific dollar ranges–   then factor in industry, category even planning period to qualify opportunities even further.

How do I know the best time to connect with top prospects?

Winmo tracks when advertisers are planning and buying media, so you can optimize your sales outreach accordingly. Combined with DailyVista, you can also see when brands are making significant shifts such as changing their agency line-up, moving more dollars into digital, pivoting their target audience and more.

Can Winmo help me identify new verticals for expansion, and the appropriate decision-makers to go after?

Yes. If you’re ready to grow in a different direction, Winmo can help you take aim more strategically. Target a specific industry with one click to uncover the key companies and decision-makers who can help expand your footprint in that category. In fact, you can qualify leads from other unique angles, factoring in company revenue or size to focus on prospects whose business needs are most aligned with your offerings.

Does Winmo provide up-to-date agency-brand relationships?

Yes. Winmo tracks thousands of agencies, as well as the advertisers they work with, so you can see the full picture. View an agency’s entire client roster to avoid missing related sales opportunities, or generate a list of relevant agency leads by title, discipline, holding company, or client industry.

Does Winmo track executives with emerging titles?

Yes. If an emerging title is on your radar, chances are it’s on ours as well. Winmo is backed by a team of researchers dedicated to uncovering details like the titles of tomorrow. Whether you’re looking for programmatic decision-makers, consumer insights and analytics leads, or marketing optimization contacts, we’ve got you covered.

Are sponsorship, event, and sports marketing contacts available within Winmo?

Winmo makes it simple to generate title-based lists of sponsorship, event or sports marketing decision-makers across the U.S. and Canada – or just those in your territory or target industry. With intelligent filters, you can even factor in personnel roles like Multicultural or Youth Marketing to find highly specific sponsorship leads.

Does Winmo track sponsored event spending?

Yes. Winmo’s media spend breakdown enables sponsorship professionals to identify the amount brands are allocating to sponsored events on a quarterly and annual basis, so you can prioritize opportunities accordingly.