Opportunity Ahead: 15 New CMO Hires

July 24, 2020

Today, c-suite changes are often the top predictor of agency changes, media spending shifts, and new investments. Every week, our team releases a recap of notable marketing shifts and what they mean for advertisers.

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Burger King

With previous roles as Chili’s CMO and KFC’s Marketing Director, Ellie Doty now sits as Burger King’s first US Regional CMO. Our WinmoEdge writers report that she specializes in brand strategy and creating digital and data-driven marketing programs. CMO hires tend to lead to brand new partnerships. We recommend our agency and martech readers to reach out for digital, AOR, and PR opportunities.

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Feeding Children Everywhere 

Second, Feeding Children Everywhere has tapped their first CMO in June 2020. Tiffany Kobashigawa founder, CEO and CMO at KobaConsulting has an impressive track record producing rebranding results for KobaConsulting. Specifically, the company’s direct marketing saw a 55+% increase in lead generation and 45% increase in overall impressions. As Feeding Children Everywhere continue to respond to those affected by the virus we suggest agency and martech readers reach out to stay top of mind. 

Omaha Steaks 

Next, in addition to ramping up ad spend, Omaha Steaks has appointed a new VP and CMO. Julie Evans, who initially joined the company as Senior D2C Marketing Director in June 2019, has overseen direct mail, email, TV, radio, space/print, loyalty, digital (paid search, programmatic display, native, affiliates, connected TV and YouTube), social media and influencer marketing. Our team expects her role expansion will result in higher ad spend and more partnership opportunities. Our WinmoEdge team notes that the company is targeting Gen-X and Millennial parents in search of easy meals and suggests agencies getting in front of Evans soon.

Move, Inc. (Realtor.com) 

In June, the subsidiary of Realtor.com hired Mickey Neuberger as CMO. The executive was previously at eBay and was responsible for growing the marketing strategy. Most importantly, we expect to see Neuberger implement CRM strategy as he did at eBay and that he will be open to reviewing the agency roster.

Uncommon James 

Lastly, the new celebrity jewelry bar has tapped a new CMO. Stone Crandall has worked with other celebrity brands to get them off of the ground. He previously served as CMO for the retail side of Magnolia Network where he helped to build brand awareness. As of our last report on Uncommon James in April 2020, the company had put up $63.3k toward  TV ads YTD. This is the first time they have used this channel so we expect them to continue spending on television ads during the upcoming holiday season. Thus, our team suggests reaching out soon as an agency review is imminent (and spending ahead of holidays represent opportunity for media sellers, as well).

Get the details on more CMO hires: 

  1. Thyme Hill, SVP & CMO; Bob Evans Farms
  2. Kristi Heuring, CMO; Everest.com 
  3. Sangeeta Prasad, CMO; Slalom 
  4. Ellie Doty, CMO; Burger King 
  5. Tiffany Kobashigawa, CMO; Feeding Children Everywhere 
  6. Stuart Aitken, Chief Merchant & CMO; Kroger 
  7. Will Robinson, CMO; Ledo Pizza 
  8. Amanda Helming, CMO; United National Foods 
  9. Aaron Magness, CMO; Thistle 
  10. Mark Lenss, CMO; NutriStyle 

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