3 Tips From The Experts: How To Leverage Personality Insights to Get an Email or Voicemail Response

March 21, 2019

Want to maximize your email and voicemail efforts and implement a strategy that will actually lead to a response from prospects?

First-time outreach response in sales is plummeting. According to sources, 97% of business calls now go to voicemails. On average, salespeople spend 13 hours a week on email, so we want to help you make those efforts count.

The secret for success? Personality insights.

As a sales organization ourselves, we’ve learned the most effective way to evoke a response in prospects is by leveraging personality insights to differentiate your approach based on the individual.

No one wants to be spoken to through a mass email or cold call; people demand a personalized outreach. Thankfully with Winmo’s Crystal Knows integration, you not only save time with verified contact info, but you can craft personalized outreach with each prospects personality traits at your fingertips.  

What is Crystal Knows?

Imagine having the ability to view in-depth personality insights on specific contact profiles. Good news, Crystal Knows makes this possible. The integration within Winmo even takes this a step further as you can view personality traits, communication tips, and information on how to best approach prospects.

So, how does this help you with your sales efforts? Winmo’s Crystal Knows integration provides a chance for salespeople to create a personalized outreach that allows them to stand out from the pack. Personality insights allow the seller to craft an approach that mirrors the prospects language and conversational style.

Crystal Knows provides the preferred communication styles and gives your team a leg up on actually engaging prospects because it provides them with information on how to pitch the right message in the right way when selling.

Here’s how to integration looks inside of Winmo:

Knowing personality traits before outreach works. We should know, as our own BDR and sales teams use this integration to develop effective personalized outreach. Here are some tips on what they do prior to reaching out to a prospect:

Do Additional Research

Alex Keenan, Business Development Representatives Manager, admits that understanding someone’s personality before actually engaging in conversation can seem difficult, but also uses a few different tools to determine a prospect’s tone before speaking with them. Once seeing the Crystal Knows traits, she does additional research to strike up conversation with her prospects:

“One of my secrets is going to a prospect’s LinkedIn profile and reading their received recommendations. Their past coworkers will usually give hints if they’re open to new ideas, innovative, always looking for better technology to increase efficiency, etc. With these nuggets of information on their personality, I’m then able to craft up the perfect email or open with the perfect value proposition.”

Speak Their Language To Warm Up Your Cold Outreach

Catapult New Business’s BDR, Andrew Orlando explains that he utilizes Crystal Knows insights to gain an understanding of how to structure his language both over the phone and via email.

“It is important to cater to a specific individual’s behavioral characteristics to better form a personal relationship and communicate what they will find valuable, thus projecting you further along the sales cycle. For example, if someone is a high “D,” they are generally very direct, will more than likely express objections, and move quickly and precise. So, I match that. I provide the benefits up-front, as precisely as possible, with no “fluff.” I speak a little faster over the phone, I assert confidence in my objection comebacks, all the while keeping it cool and casual.”

This approach allows the potential client to see a bit of themselves in you. They won’t feel talked to, but instead with. This research, paired with a LinkedIn profile scan to note interests or any minor detail you can personally relate to (such as same alma mater), can be used in unison to distinguish your outreach with a personal touch far beyond your average salesperson.

Understand Your Audience 

Jeff Haley, Director of Sales at Winmo, uses Crystal Knows daily to understand communications styles of people he is connecting with.

“I find 8 out 10 times the DiSC profiles and suggestions are spot on. I have found a great deal of success using these personality insights for both prospecting and working with potential clients.”

The DiSC personality assessment allows our sales team to understand a prospect’s typical behavior and how they best communicate. The scale consists of:


The different types provided by Crystal Knows allow Jeff to pay attention to detail, and he breaks down insights by personality type as follows:

“Sending a D (dominant) type an email with more the 3 sentences is likely to be wasted effort because it’s likely not going to be read. If they do read, they probably won’t respond as the perception is that I will suck up a lot of their time. When I am emailing a D type, I’ll start my emails like “David,” not “Hey David” as they tend to be direct and want to get to the point.

If I am speaking to a C type I know that I should not say “about” or approximately” and I should be prepared to give hard facts, exact numbers, and provide lots of data to support answers to questions or claims being made. I will start emails with a “Hi David” as they tend to be more cautious and reserved, so I do not want to act as if I know them nor come across too direct.

If I am about to hop on a call with an I type, I know I am about to have an upbeat conversation and I might have a tendency to go off topic too much, so I have to balance the conversation. I often start my emails with a “Hey David” as they are likely more open to making instant connections more than others would be and prefer the informal introduction.”

Crystal Knows allows you to understand personality types and the style of communication each prospect prefers up-front. The integration provides insight into whether the leader is enthusiastic, casual, and even what kind of descriptions to use when engaging with certain people. This way, when our team reaches out they have a better understanding of what information to include in their email.

Obviously, each prospect is different. Some will prefer to receive an email with hard facts and data while others are looking to hear a story of customer success through using our product. Small personality traits can make a huge difference in the realm of prospecting.

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