Winmo Enhances Prospecting Intelligence with Mobile and Video Advertising Data

November 20, 2015

To further empower customers to win more business, Winmo now offers deeper sales intelligence on mobile and video advertising. Brand profiles now include enhanced digital spending insights, allowing you to qualify online, mobile and digital video advertising opportunities with greater precision than ever before.

Now, in addition to the 19 traditionally measured media types tracked for brands, subscribers get actionable intelligence across three new data points:

  1. Digital Spend on Video Advertising
  2. Mobile Display Advertising Placement & Occurrence Data
  3. In-App Advertising Occurrence Data

This refined level of digital insight enables Winmo customers to see which brands are spending the most on these channels and where advertisements are being placed over time.

“As advertisers continue to invest more in display across new and emerging channels, it’s not always enough to know the relevant contacts,” VP of Content Billy Boydston said. “Before our users reach out to a brand, they want to know how active that prospect has been in digital, mobile and emerging media environments and we’re providing them with that information, so that when they do get in touch, it’s a more relevant conversation.”

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