5 Data-driven Facts that Will Profoundly Impact Your Digital Advertising Strategy in 2016

The next generation of advertising is here, and boy is it scary. As if programmatic buying and native ads haven’t rocked the ad sales world enough already, ad-blockers and the rapidly growing market for content marketing technology are upping the ante. As these trends take center stage in coming months, the industry will be forced to take a long hard look at itself and reevaluate some life choices. By all accounts, the days of disruptive advertising seem to be numbered and big data is forcing industry professionals to take a more human approach to sales and marketing. However, that doesn’t necessarily spell disaster, especially for marketers and advertisers who are able to pivot quickly and adapt new inventory and service/product offerings. If this seems like a premature prediction, there’s always a chance that it is. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of data-driven facts pointing to this new age of advertising. We hope these facts can empower you to better optimize your strategy and win more business in 2016! 1. Programmatic marketers are still catching up with mobile trends By and large, programmatic display ads are still being served primarily to desktop users, despite the fact that almost 50 percent of web traffic comes from mobile devices. According to recent data released by AppNexus, programmatic marketers are still playing catch up when it comes to targeting and reaching users with mobile display ads or in-app ad placements. AppNexus released a statement saying: “[T]he mobile revolution, while certainly accelerating, has not yet hit its peak,” writes AppNexus. “Even though consumers are now spending more than half of their online time on mobile devices, advertisers were...
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