Guide to New Outbound Sales Strategies

These days, marketers are much more focused on inbound sales and marketing strategies; and why shouldn’t they? These days, prospecting is harder and prospects have more power than they know what to do with. However, it may surprise you to hear that outbound sales techniques are still powerful tools for business development, especially for small and growing companies. The key components of an effective outbound sales strategy, include: (1) building up accurate, actionable sales intelligence in target verticals, (2) strategic development and execution of repeatable sales processes. Churning up a lot of leads in a short amount of time will do you no good if they are mostly low-quality assets or if you don’t have the resources to pursue them. When creating a strong outbound campaign, here are several steps to keep in mind instead. 1. Set Times, Goals, and Resources Inbound campaigns have a little more leeway, because they are designed more for brand-building and lead creation over a long period of time. Ideally, the goal with outbound marketing is to drive more immediate results, which does require some heavy lifting during the initial planning and documentation period. You need to create start dates, end dates, and specific goals. Perhaps most importantly of all, you need to develop the right resources to draw from. There are a lot of horrible cold call customer lists out there: As a general rule, never buy lists or use old customer emails, etc. from a few years ago. Every year, that data degrades 70 percent so you’ll pretty much just waste more time, and frankly, we want better for you. Start fresh, by either investing...
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