Time-Saving Tips for B2B Sales Prospecting

June 22, 2016
Work smarter not harder is how the saying goes, and when it comes to B2B sales prospecting this couldn’t ring more true. Time is valuable so to wasting it researching contact information or targets that don’t align with your offerings just doesn’t make sense. Your time is better spent having a great conversation or drafting the perfect proposal. How can you avoid pursuing leads that don’t go anywhere? Here are four tips I give all of my B2B sales team clients to maximise their prospecting productivity.

Know Your Product, And Your Audience
Knowing your product inside and out as well as establishing yourself as a market expert is going to help you define a target area of prospects based on who you will be able to help the most. The scatter approach, otherwise known as throwing everything against the wall and hoping that something sticks, is definitely the opposite of efficient B2B sales prospecting. Defining your prospect criteria and then looking for actionable insights on why and when to call will give you a leg up on the competition.
Keep Your Pipeline Full of Qualified Opportunities
If you know what qualities your highest-converting sales prospects share, you can use them to map out new opportunities with similar targets. A B2B sales intelligence tool like Winmo, the UK’s newest prospecting platform, is designed from the ground up with prospecting efficiency in mind. Over time, Winmo progressively maps your search history and then delivers recommendations that align with your current targets. Just as online retailers save you time by serving you relevant recommendations, Winmo understands which brands and agencies are right up your street, and points you in the direction of similar B2B sales opportunities to continually fill your pipeline.
Save Time With Alerts
Change is always happening and can be a major trigger point on new business opportunities, especially in the B2B sales landscape. But how do you keep track of turnover, movement, and agency relationships at the accounts you care about? One way to do so, without having to scour trade publications hoping to catch all these changes, is following prospects, clients, and sectors in Winmo. When you do, you’ll be alerted to real time movement, allowing you to act on changes before your competition gets wind of them.
Lastly, Make It Easy to Say Yes
As much as brands and agencies like to be brought great ideas, they really love if the idea is relevant to their current goals and aligns with past successes. Understand that time and resources are limited on their end, so maximize your success rate by serving up relevant, turn-key opportunities throughout the entire process. When prospecting, when crafting outreach, or when speaking with prospects, remember to consider how easy it will be for them to say yes.

Interested in boosting your B2B sales productivity through recommendations, alerts and access to verified contact information? Request a demonstration of Winmo.

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