5 Proven Practices of Great Ad Sellers

What separates a good sales person from a great one? Find out in our webinar, “5 Proven Practices of Great Ad Sellers,” as we discuss how to elevate your ad sales career to new heights.

Whether you sell or manage a team that sells media – from digital to print, programmatic to native, or television to out of home – you’ll come away with specific actions that any determined sales person can apply to unlock their full potential, including:

  • How to get more appointments with prospects who don’t believe they need to see you
  • How to open the mind of a prospect so they will listen and be persuaded
  • How to encourage prospects to tell you what they really think, rather than hide their objections

Presented by: Dan Ambrose, MediaPost’s Masters of Media Selling Instructor  |  Jennifer Groese, Director of Marketing, List Partners Inc.

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    By: Jennifer Groese

    VP of Marketing for List Partners Inc. – a strategic marketer who loves creating content that bridges the gap between sales and marketing and fuels growth for our clients.

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