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Beat your competition to the pitch with WinmoEdge, the industry’s first agency opportunity predictor. Get a daily rundown of projected agency tenders and partnership opportunities months before the change happens. WinmoEdge doesn’t just give you the lead – it even sets up the pitch for you with relevant info for your email or phone outreach.

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Winmo  gives you the specific brand, company and agency contacts working on an account, with direct phone numbers and emails. Mapping 41,000+ key decision-makers across parent companies, brands, and their agencies, Winmo shows you everyone involved in key marketing decisions, budget by budget, so you can reach the right CMO, brand manager or procurement director in seconds.

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Build lists of dream clients by title, territory, spend, sector, planning period – even advertisers handling creative or media in-house. Winmo’s smart filters make sure your prospect lists are full of quality leads most likely to convert. Unlike competitors, Winmo’s data is verified by living, breathing researchers – not bots – every 120 days.

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"There have been countless times Winmo has helped myself and the rest of the team achieve sales – the stand out for me would be last year when it helped make me my biggest sale to date!"

Mark Smith

Sales Executive

Boomerang Media

"Winmo gives me an early indication of account changes, allowing me to maneuver my contact strategy to get to know key people at those organizations. This helped us identify a potential change in account, start to build a relationship and we were invited to pitch eight weeks later."

Dan Archer

Marketing Director

Freestyle Agency

"Winmo gives me a competitive edge by telling me when Marketing Leads and CMOs will be open to new agencies and martechs. I also love the fact it provides all contacts' email addresses which is a big time saver!"

Joe Merriweather

Client Executive

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