DailyVista - Forecasted Sales Intelligence

When you invest in the stock market, you watch for signs that a particular company’s stock is poised to rise or fall – and the key is to move when you see the earliest indication, because after the price has moved, it’s too late.

The same is true of business development, only the signs are more subtle, and harder to keep track of.

Sales professionals now have the opportunity to identify relevant sales opportunities 3-18 months in advance with our digital prospecting publication, DailyVista. Monitoring a series of new business indicators such as agency reviews and significant digital spending shifts to give you the one-up on your competition. And by tracking accounts and decision-makers on the move, new product launches, spending shifts, expansions or new funding, your business development strategy will get a one-two punch that just can’t be beat.

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A Must-Have Resource for Business Development

Our clients find the most success when they pair Winmo’s prospecting data with DailyVista’s forecasted sales opportunities – a combination of resources that dramatically enriches sales outreach. With Winmo you’re able to identify WHO you should be targeting and with DailyVista you get exclusive insights like when and why an advertiser might need your services.

And with over 1Billion in annual ad spend forecasted, clients have experienced powerful results by using the two sales tools.

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