The State of Influencer Marketing: Q2 2024

April 17, 2024

Last weekend’s Coachella marked the ninth annual Revolve Fest. But, the 2024 iteration of the influencer event was much more scaled back than debaucherous party Instagram and TikTok viewers have grown accustomed to. After slashing its marketing budget by $10 million in 2023, the company is cutting down on extravagant influencer trips. To stimulate growth in 2024, Revolve is refocusing on promoting categories like activewear, everyday clothing, beauty and basics during its influencer engagements.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, influencer marketing has emerged as a potent tool that transcends traditional advertising. Brands are increasingly recognizing the substantial impact influencers have on consumer behavior, making it a critical element for successful marketing strategies. But will other brands follow in Revolve’s footsteps? Is investing in influencer marketing still a game-changing move for your brand’s needs in 2024?

Micro-influencer trust is rising

Micro-influencers, typically having followers between 15,000 and 75,000, are making significant waves in influencer marketing. Their appeal lies in their ability to connect deeply with their audience through genuine expertise and passion within their specific niches. These influencers foster a high level of engagement and trust, akin to a recommendation from a trusted friend, which significantly boosts conversion rates. “Coach Dreams Sunset” fragrance saw micro- and macro-influencers create authentic user-generated content that Coach leveraged, enhancing their brand reach and impact.

Influencer marketing is all about authenticity over perfection

In an age where skepticism towards polished ads is only growing, authenticity has become the currency of trust. Digitally savvy consumers prioritize transparency and genuine storytelling, making influencers who create authentic content invaluable. Brands partnering with these influencers see a transfer of trust, which translates into higher engagement and conversion rates.

Budgets are shifting away from paid advertising

With 63% of brands planning to increase their budget for influencer marketing in 2024, it’s clear that the focus is shifting away from traditional paid ads. This shift is driven by the higher return on investment and lower customer acquisition costs that influencer marketing offers. Brands are also noting a compelling engagement level with 64% of consumers making purchases based on influencer recommendations, showcasing the effectiveness of this strategy.

Brands (and consumers) value long-term relationships

Building long-term partnerships with influencers is becoming a preferred strategy for brands seeking consistency in their messaging. These sustained collaborations lead to a unified brand voice and greater authenticity, which is highly valued by consumers. Establishing such relationships can transform influencers into true brand ambassadors, deeply aligned with the brand’s values and vision.

Video content remains dominate

The trend towards video content is unmistakable, driven by its ability to engage audiences more effectively than static images. According to Statista, video content reached 92.3% of global audiences in Q2 2023, with various content types like music videos, comedic clips, and tutorials leading the engagement. Smart brands are leaning into video for its versatility and enhanced visibility.

For brands looking to leverage influencer marketing, be sure to consider:

  • Clear goals: Understand what you wish to achieve with your campaign and communicate these goals clearly to your influencers.
  • Choosing the right influencers: Depending on your brand’s needs, select from a range of influencers — from nano to mega — or even user-generated content creators.
  • Compensate Fairly: Fair compensation not only respects the influencer’s contribution but also fosters long-term collaboration.
  • Track ROI: Platforms like allow brands to track and optimize campaign performance comprehensively.

As influencer marketing continues to evolve in 2024, it offers so many amazing benefits for brands looking to enhance their visibility and connect with consumers more meaningfully. From micro-influencers driving high engagement to the authenticity that builds trust and the strategic use of video content, influencer marketing is not just another channel — but a fundamental aspect of modern digital marketing strategies.

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