eBook Download: CMOs Planning in Q2 2024

March 12, 2024

After a stagnant 2023, U.S. ad spending is expected to accelerate in 2024 (Dentsu is projecting 4.6% YoY increase in 2024, almost two percentage points higher than its final growth forecast of 2.7% in 2023). The key to capturing this spend? Timing. Winmo’s most successful customers time their outreach around planning periods – when brands are deciding optimal allocations for their annual marketing campaigns. If you too want to proactively engage marketers planning campaigns now, instead of reactively chasing supplemental dollars after major buys have already been executed, read on.

eBook Download: 63 CMOs Planning in Q2 2024

Now’s the time to look at what brands need, see if your audiences align, and craft outreach that strikes the right chord (with the right decision-maker) at the right time. Make yourself noticeable through focused communication efforts:

  • Understand exactly who their target audience is (and why).
  • Look at their current marketing efforts. What’s successful? What isn’t?
  • Show how you can add to (or improve!) their current strategy.

There are serious opportunities to partner with CMOs from brands planning in Q2 with a media spend of at least $50 million.

When brands spend more than $50 million annually on media, it means they’re comfortable investing a significant chunk of their budgets into advertising across media platforms. This can include traditional channels like television, radio, and print publications, but the experts at Winmo are seeing a significant rise in online advertising and social media campaign funding. 

The CMOs included in our latest eBook are searching for a wide reach and visibility to attract and retain customers, enhance brand recognition, and drive sales. They represent brands that are major players in their industries, with substantial marketing budgets to support their goals and compete effectively in the market.

Here’s a preview of what’s going on inside five of the brands planning in Q2 with a media spend of at least $50 million:

  1. This leading retail pharmacy chain promoted a senior marketing director to CMO in January 2024 and will directly impact the brand’s ad spend and agency roster.
  2. This sporting goods retailer just launched a new women’s performance brand. Get in touch now to offer ad space and see if the brand needs additional agency assistance.
  3. This beer brand will launch a massive marketing campaign in April — with a budget that’s reportedly 2.5 times the previous four years combined — across social media, online video, digital, and OOH. Reach out now to offer ad space ahead of the big push.
  4. This consumer goods brand just tapped a new brand strategy and creative AOR in January 2024. The agency is tasked with implementing a marketing strategy to reach older millennials with its first creative work scheduled to launch in H1 of this year. 
  5. This automaker tapped a new global CMO in February 2024 who’s responsible for global marketing duties for the company’s passenger car segment. 

The experts at Winmo expect to see these brands flesh out their digital campaigns, update their agency rosters, and hunt for new marketing channels in Q2 2024.

In this eBook, you’ll access the insights Winmo customers implement daily, including:

  • 60+ high-spending brands in Winmo with unique marketing opportunities for agencies and ad tech partners.
  • CMO contact info to ensure you reach the right person the first time.
  • Spend details, audience demographics, and insights to fuel your outreach.

eBook Download: 63 CMOs Planning in Q2 2024

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