Top Advertisers in Winmo with In-House Media

February 14, 2024

As with the rise of in-house creative agencies, some companies are starting their own media operations, too. Big names like Chase, Molson Coors, and Ally Financial have brought some of their media functions in-house over the past couple of years. And, according to an ANA survey from 2018, 36% of more than 200 marketers said they handled media services in-house vs. 22% in 2013; 24% had taken programmatic duties in-house.

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The primary advantage of having an in-house media agency is the ability to have greater control over the brand’s messaging and creative output. It can also lead to increased efficiency, as the in-house team is solely focused on the company’s goals and can react more quickly to changes in the market or the company’s strategy. Additionally, in-house agencies can potentially offer cost savings over time, as they eliminate the need to pay external agency fees.

However, having an in-house media agency also comes with challenges…

Including the initial costs of setting up the team, the ongoing investment in talent and technology, and the risk of losing the external perspective that an outside agency can provide. Companies must weigh the benefits against the costs and consider whether an in-house approach aligns with their strategic objectives and operational capabilities. Here are five of the top advertisers in Winmo with in-house media agencies. Keep reading to uncover their target demographics, latest news, media spend, and opportunities for future agency work (both media and otherwise):

1)  Skechers partners with NBA players to promote new basketball shoes

Skechers debuted its first line of technical basketball shoes called SKX Resagrip and SKX FLOAT in October 2023. The company tapped Julius Randle of the New York Knicks and Terance Mann of the Los Angeles Clippers as the Skechers Basketball ambassadors. Both players will compete in Skechers shoes and will appear in brand campaigns. This is part of Skechers’ long-term basketball plan, which includes seeking additional NBA players as brand ambassadors. 

  • Current agency roster: In-house media and creative
  • Target demographic: Gen-Z and millennial men
  • Brand media spend: $32.6M
  • Company media spend: $172.42M
  • Company revenue: $6.31B
  • Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Top spending period: Q3

2)  Prudential sponsors Rutgers basketball

Prudential Financial may be looking for more sponsorship opportunities. It is now the presenting sponsor of Rutgers Men’s and Women’s basketball where it will also provide financial advisors for Rutgers student-athletes and their families. Plus, Prudential will offer investment accounts for some men and women student-athletes. The company will likely seek additional sponsorship opportunities, continue advertising during big sporting events, and build out an agency roster.

  • Current agency roster: In-house media and creative; McCann: Creative AOR; Bounteous: Digital
  • Target demographic: Male millennials and Gen-Xers
  • Brand media spend: $24.38M
  • Company media spend: $16.95M
  • Company revenue: $70.93B
  • Location: Newark, NJ

3)  ThirdLove launches first swimwear line amid digital spending increases

Reach out now to offer ad space to ThirdLove as it launches its first swimwear collection. The new line — ranging in price from $50 to $88 — was launched in response to increasing customer inquiries. The company will likely continue moving ad dollars from national TV to digital, launch an ad campaign to announce the swimwear line, seek agency assistance promoting the new line, and roll out additional new products. Winmo recommends those who can offer creative, media, digital, and social media assistance reach out ASAP.

  • Current agency roster: Power Digital PR
  • Target demographic: Gen-Z and millennial women
  • Brand media spend: $2.17M
  • Company media spend: $2.18M
  • Location: San Francisco, CA

4)  Caesars Entertainment loses top marketer amid spending declines

Caesars Entertainment lost its CMO, Sharon Otterman, in November 2023 when she took over as the CMO of Macy’s. During her tenure, Otterman led the Caesars Sportsbook launch. Keep an eye on Caesars as a CMO hire will affect its marketing strategy and agency roster. Once it hires a new CMO, the company will likely ramp up ad spending again, experiment with new marketing strategies, and seek agency assistance. Start working on your pitches now so that you are prepared to reach out.

  • Current agency roster: In-house media
  • Target demographic: Male Gen-Z and millennial sports fans
  • Brand media spend: $10.12M
  • Company media spend: $6.52M
  • Company revenue: $10.82B
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

5)  Walgreens announces new PR AOR as CMO departs

Walgreens tapped Weber Shandwick as PR AOR in December 2023. The agency is responsible for media relations, crisis communications, and reputation management. In other news, after about 18 months, Walgreens CMO, Linh Peters, is no longer with the company. At this time, it’s unclear whether Walgreens will replace Peters or reorganize its leadership team. The company will likely keep reviewing agency relationships (two reviews in 2023), ramp up ad spending, and increase promotional activity. Get in touch soon to see if Walgreens plans on making any more agency changes.

  • Current agency roster: Epsilon: Media AOR; Weber Shandwick: PR AOR; Yamamoto: Digital, social, and experiential AOR; The Trade Desk: Digital AOR; Berlin Cameron: Creative and digital; In-house media
  • Target demographic: Millennials and Gen-Xers
  • Brand media spend: $115.47M
  • Company media spend: $116.75M
  • Company revenue: $132.7B
  • Location: Deerfield, IL

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