7 Sales Tips Guaranteed to Uncover More Leads

October 1, 2020

We’ve all been there — researching a prime prospect, creating custom messaging, and adding that extra follow up just to get hit with a “this is not the best time” response. But what if all the right actions happened at the right time? Winmo can help you recognize key prospecting triggers and sales tips to make the search for leads easier. 

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1)  Decision maker shifts

Key executive and C-suite shifts are top indicators of agency reviews, partnership opportunities, and budget changes. We know because we watch it happen. Every week, our team releases a recap of notable marketing shifts and what they mean for advertisers. Roles closely associated with opportunities include Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer, VP of Marketing and Chief Growth Officer. 

Find the Benefits of Winmo’s Personality Insights here for more sales tips on sending emails your recipients will love.

2)  Product launches

Launching a new product not only requires the direction of a variety of advertising agencies, but presents the opportunity to utilize new tools, teams, and ways to track the new offering’s success. Companies that are launching new products, brands, or entering new markets often spend 20% of their revenues (or more) on marketing.

Winmo houses over 30,000 brands, but we compiled 10 of the top searched brands in Winmo that historically review agencies when they launch a new product or add. Take a look.

3)  Emerging companies

Every day, dynamic companies and diverse products, services, and applications pop-up. Keeping tabs on when companies enter the market, and their growth trajectory, provides opportunity to position your key offering as a resource in their introduction to the market.

Emerging companies need partners to help with initial marketing strategies. It’s important to create a rapport with new companies and their decision-makers early to help them build. As new companies scale and their referral will hold more weight.   

4)  Spending shifts

Pay close attention to dedicated advertising budgets. When advertisers shift spending between channels (ex. broadcast dollars shifting to digital) or dedicate spending to reach a new demographic, this is a good indication of an opportunity for new business. Leverage your insight into these shifts to impress the decision-makers.

5)  New campaigns/Product launches 

By releasing a new product or campaign, a company ventures into uncharted territories, which demands varied promotional channels. New products bring new tools, applications, and services to monitor and track success. 

6)  New agency hires/AORs 

When one agency is hired there may be a domino effect for your company. Agency hires tend to follow each other. For example, when a media AOR shift occurs it’s likely a creative or digital shift will follow in the next six months. We’ve found that it’s especially important to keep an eye out when an agency reaches their three- to four -year tenure as reviews tend to take place.

7)  Planning/Buying periods 

Scoping new sales tips and leads, then reaching out and pitching your service takes valuable time. The last thing you want is to hear is, “We want to move forward, but we are out of budget for the year.” To stay ahead of this budget window, keep track of brand planning periods. With Winmo, you can search brands based on budgeting periods and plan for the entire year. (We’ve put together 100 Brands Planning in Q4 here) Whether you’re selling ad space or sponsorships, this is the prime window of opportunity to pitch new campaigns, technologies, and partnerships. 

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