Biggest Advertisers in Winmo Planning in Q3 2023

August 16, 2023

Winmo is constantly adding new advertisers and agencies to our database…  That’s why we’re the most comprehensive resource for finding advertising, brand contacts, and media spend tracking. Backed by an in-house research team that pairs technology and human insight to cultivate and verify targeted information on a daily basis, we’re constantly tracking the client and agency-side decision-makers responsible for North America’s top brand budgets. From CMOs to media planners, emails to direct dials, our team is verifying a large span of data to bring you accurate insights to empower you to win more business.

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Check out three of the biggest advertisers in Winmo planning in Q3 2023, including upcoming campaigns, spending insights, agency relationships, and more…

1)  Billie promotes top marketer, launches new product

  • Media spend: $2.63M
  • Location: New York, NY

Billie selected Catherine Wolpe as its new top marketer. Wolpe, who joined the company in September 2021 as its brand marketing VP, is now its brand marketing SVP. Since her promotion, Billie has launched a new initiative that involves a board game impossible for women to win.

The game, “No Worries If Not,” highlights ridiculous double standards regarding women daily. It’s the beginning of a larger effort to expand Billie out of people’s bathrooms into their game nights. It isn’t available in stores, but Billie itself has been pursuing retail growth. A supporting campaign, created in-house, will run across digital and social media channels. The company will likely continue shifting strategy, return to higher spending, and condusct agency reviews.

Digital and social insights (digital ad spend, effectiveness, impressions, and performance)

  • YTD spend: So far this year, the company has allocated roughly $2.5m toward digital ads, less than a third of the roughly $7.7m allocated within the same 2022 timeframe.
  • YTD data: Billie has earned ~275m digital impressions YTD, 39% via YouTube ads, 32% via Instagram ads, and 29% via Facebook ads.
  • Last year: The company’s estimated full-year 2022 spend of $8.7m increased by 9% from that of $8m in 2021.

Agency insights: Top marketer promotions can lead to roster shifts like outside hires can, so reach out soon to remain top-of-mind. Current utilizes in-house creative.


2)  Kohler hires agency partner to promote new product

  • Media Spend: $15.02M
  • Company Revenue: $5.23B
  • Location: Kohler, WI

Kohler recently selected Hanson Dodge as the media AOR for its new wellness brand, Sprig. The agency will soon launch a marketing campaign designed to drive awareness of Sprig and its products. Hanson Dodge is currently planning, creating, trafficking, and implementing the launch campaign’s media portion. The campaign will cover various online platforms and influencer marketing, along with other yet-to-be-announced activities. Kohler has taken a D2C strategy with Sprig’s launch in order to make its products as accessible to consumers as possible and focus on storytelling.

Sprig provides products such as premium bath bombs and versatile body and linen mists, both of which launched last Fall, and a shower infusion device, which launched earlier in June. Since the shower products just rolled out, Kohler is specifically working to bolster those products’ brand awareness. The company will likely launch a new campaign for Sprig, ontinue increasing digital spend, and seek additional new agency partners.

Digital and social insights (digital ad spend, effectiveness, impressions, and performance)

  • YTD spend: Kohler has spent approximately $6.5m on digital ads YTD, a 48% increase from the approximately $4.4m spent within the same 2022 timeframe.
  • YTD data: Since the beginning of 2023, the company has earned ~772.1m digital impressions via Instagram (35%), Facebook (33%), YouTube (13%), desktop display (10%), desktop video (6%), and mobile display (3%) ads.
  • Last year: In 2022, Kohler’s 2022’s estimated full-year spend increased by 15% to $9.3m from that of $8.1m in 2021.

Additional agency insights: Additional agency reviews could easily follow this one, especially considering Samie Barr’s recent hire, so offer PR, digital analytics, social media management, experiential, multicultural, and/or experiential services. Current agency roster:

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hanson Dodge: Media AOR (June 2023)
  • In-House: Sprig Creative
  • DDB Chicago: Creative AOR
  • The Distillery Project: Creative AOR (2022)
  • PMG: Media and digital agency partner
  • PHD Chicago: Media agency partner


3)  Nordstrom Rack rebranding amid digital spend increase

  • Media Spend: $13.24M
  • Company Revenue: $14.79B
  • Location: Seattle, WA

Nordstrom Rack recently rolled out a rebrand made with JKR. This is the first time Rack has updated its logo in over a decade, promoting across digital platforms, mobile formats, in-person store signage, and online. The brand will likely continue ramping up digital spend targeting Gen-Z and millennials with a female skew. This rebrand comes not long after Rack selected Marie Langhout-Franklin as its marketing VP in January 2023.

Digital and social insights (digital ad spend, effectiveness, impressions, and performance)

  • YTD spend: Since the beginning of 2023, the brand has spent approximately $2.1m on digital ads, 50% more than the approximately $1.4m spent by this point last year.
  • YTD data: So far this year, Rack has racked up ~214.8m digital impressions, 44% via YouTube ads, 34% via Facebook ads, and 23% via Instagram ads.
  • Last year: The brand spent roughly $8m on this channel last year, 34% less than the roughly $12.1m spent in 2021.

Additional agency insights: If you haven’t yet done so, get in touch with Deniz Anders, who became Nordstrom’s CMO last year. Current agency roster:

  • ​​​​​​​Jones Knowles Ritchie: Creative agency partner (at least for this rebrand project)
  • Note: Parent company Nordstrom works with Droga5 on creative and media.


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