Send Better Email: Seven Proven Emails to Reach Your Next Prospect

September 25, 2018

It’s time to send better email. A couple of weeks ago, we published seven free email templates to use when reaching out to prospects. The only caveat? Those templates were gated. Today, we’re unleashing the Kraken (so to speak) to help salespeople everywhere close every possible before the end of the month — and the end of Q3.

Sourced from Winmo’s own crack sales team, these emails are brief, actionable, and proven to generate responses from prospects. So pull your strongest email list and get to sending; Q3 goals are still within reach!

Offer Actionable Intelligence Insights:

Subject Line: Looking for help finding [target audience]?

Hey [Name],

Need help finding [target’s audience] that are [action] this quarter? How about finding [target’s expanded audience] that are [more valuable action]? Perhaps it would be helpful to know when [meaningful information]?

This is the type of intel that our [hyperlinked platform] helps thousands of [product targets] know about every day. Any interest in checking it out?

Not sure you want to talk to me yet? Watch our [hyperlinked demo] to gain more insight. Hope to connect with you soon.


Evaluate Your Prospect’s Current Strategy:

Subject Line: Quick question, [Name]

Hey [Name],

Quick question – does your current business strategy include [market-specific business development strategy]? I have a feeling our [platform] prospecting resource could be a huge help. Any interest in checking it out?

Hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. If you want to watch a quick 3-minute demo before getting back to me, here is a link to do so: [LINK]


The Best Invitation to Set Up a Call:

Subject Line: Call Tuesday or Thursday?

Hi [Name],

Reaching out because I’m interested to see if you are working on initiatives related to [business purpose], (i.e. [example]). We help companies [one liner] and would love to share use cases and best practices with you and the [company] team!

I’d like to set up 30 minutes to walk you through our platform and set you up with a trial to explore for yourself.

Does it make sense for an introductory call next Tuesday or Thursday?


Congratulate Your Prospect on Their Success:

Subject Line: Advertising question

Hi [Name],

I noticed [business] covers the most influential specialty markets across [industry]. Congrats on the success! I’m sure identifying [target] to work with is always top of mind!

That said, [paltform] helps companies [one liner pitch]. It supports [job titles i.e. salespeople] with [value-add] on [subject matter] for brands like [brand name] and [brand name].

Think we may be able to help. Would you be able to connect soon?

Talk soon,

Detail Why a Relationship With Your Prospect Makes Sense:

Subject Line: The tools your competitors are using


I was researching [prospect’s company] work and success stories on your site and felt an introduction made sense since you’ve worked with [prospect’s clients].

I thought it would be useful for your team to know [product value-add], as well as [additional product value-add]. [Platform/product] is our new business solution designed for [product target] looking to [product use], and is currently used by [competitor companies].

Thought you might be interested in taking a look. Can we schedule time this week or next to connect?

Talk soon,

Lead With Your Proprietary Data:

Subject Line: Don’t miss this vital information

Hi [Name],

Using [plaform/product] this morning, I identified [relevant proprietary product data] in Q3.

You and I know that it’s critical to engage with new business prospects at the right time, but the challenge is to identify who/when/how to do that, right?

Enabling our clients to do that successfully has kept us in business for [years].

Are you open to discussing the brands or agencies that make sense to begin a conversation this month?

Talk soon,

Personalize Your Email — Like, Really Personalize It

Subject Line: Your Tweet

Hey [name],

I just saw your tweet from June on outreaching some competition. Congrats on the success at [competitor]!

I thought you should know that several other competitors in your space, like [competitors] are utilizing [product] to save time and get better insights into [product offering]. We have [differentiating quality] no one else has is what makes us unique. Historical info is nice in theory, but knowing what’s coming is what gets most of the big campaign dollars.

Do you have anyone going after new business or target accounts that might be worth taking a closer look?


Send Emails That Will Help You Reach Your Sales Goals

Whether or not you choose to use these sales templates, we recommend applying some of these overarching principles: lead with a strong subject line, appeal to your prospect’s personal needs, and don’t be afraid to consistently follow up. As one of our in-house new business development experts recently shared, the biggest mistake he consistently sees is the failure to follow up after sending an email. Reach the right people at the right time and request a Winmo trial today!

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