Sales Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter

Sales Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter

Prospecting with traditional sales strategies and tactics, such as cold-calling, seems to be less and less effective. You may even have heard that social selling is the wave of the future, and if you’re not omnipresent on social media, you’re losing millions of dollars in potential sales. For those brave souls in the trenches, there are days when focus can be tough to find, and inspiration even tougher.

Some days you just need a kick in the pants, or the right motivational word from the right person. On those days, the good people at Winmo turn to the Twittersphere and its wealth of really awesome people.

Here are some of our favorite accounts to follow. You’ll find everything from sales advice you can actually use to industry info that gives you an edge over the competition–to funny tweets when you just need a break from dialing and talking.

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