Hot Off the Press: Nonprofit Organizations Who Need Marketing Assistance Right Now

June 7, 2019

Nonprofits present a unique marketing opportunity for businesses to partner in sharing their purpose and spread awareness of their story in order to gain support. On a mission to engage donors and volunteers, nonprofits represent partnership opportunities for businesses that are often overlooked or underestimated avenues for growth.

According to sources, up to 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for a company’s service that reflects their values. By teaming up with a nonprofit, a business can sell more products, engage new audiences, and be more competitive in the market as a whole.

We’re bringing you five nonprofit organizations who need marketing assistance right now:

1. Sundance Institute

Fills CMO Vacancy amid spend decreases

Sundance Institute, a nonprofit most popularly known for the Sundance Film Festival, named a new CMO to lead its marketing in an effort to build further awareness, sustainability, relevance and impact of the brand. Michael Monroe took on the CMO position in May and was joined by a slew of other marketing hires, proving the nonprofit is bolstering its team and ready to drive impact.

Agency and Martech Opp: A CMO shift is one of the leading prospecting triggers for an agency review. Monroe will likely reevaluate current agency relationships and strategies in place, so those with nonprofit experience are encouraged to reach out.

Media Opp: With new hires and potential new strategies under Monroe’s leadership, spend increases are likely. Sundance historically targets cinephiles and movie industry decision makers with digital, social, print, experiential and earned media. Ads run during the festival (January 23 to  February 2), March and Q3. Additionally, keep any upcoming events on your radar for more opportunities.

2. NY’s E&I Cooperative Services

Issues RFP

Educational & Institutional Cooperative Services, Inc., a member-owned New York nonprofit corporation, is seeking to establish a cost-effective Master Agreement for branding, campus crisis assessment, and management according to the public RFP.

Additional Info:

The supplier is expected to perform the following services:

  • Brand building
  • Organization optimization
  • Reputation management
  • Crisis management
  • Other services

The budget is not disclosed, and the agreement will be for 5 years with the option of one five-year renewal. The final due date is July 25, with questions due June 18. Jim LoGrasso is the main contact and can be reached at

3. LifeBridge Health

Launches new brand identity, campaign amid spend decreases

LifeBridge Health, a healthcare nonprofit serving the Baltimore area, launched a new brand identity with newly hired creative AOR, StrawberryFrog. The “Care Bravely” campaign is designed to return the nonprofit to its core mission by promoting optimism, empowerment, creativity, and passion. A few weeks ago, the campaign launched via a dedicated website, a microsite and internal communications. Future promotion will include billboards, TV, radio, digital and print across the Baltimore region.

Media Opp: There should still be dollars to secure from the campaign, so sellers are encouraged to reach out. Then, focus on additional campaigns to follow. Keep in mind LifeBridge typically spends the most during Q1 and Q4 and targets the local Baltimore area.

Sponsorship Opp: While spend overall has been going down, those decreases are expected to reverse. As LifeBridge promotes it’s new brand identity and launches campaigns, it will likely leverage new partnerships. Don’t hesitate to reach out with ways to combat current struggles.

Agency & Martech Opp: After hiring CMO Brian Deffaa, LifeBridge is likely to undergo shifts under the new leadership. There is no current competition on the media account, so we recommend reaching out with agency reviews likely in the next 6-9 months.

4. The National Rifle Association

Switches presidents, sues AOR amid PR troubles

As they face financial troubles, The National Rifle Association is also undergoing an investigation of its finances since there have been reports of self-dealing and excessive personal spending.

These struggles have resulted in leadership shifts as well. Carolyn Meadows took the presidency effective April 29. These struggles pile on top of a $55 million revenue drop in 2017 as a result of a decline in membership dues, and the fact that guns are an increasingly sensitive topic. Issues also arose with longtime AOR Ackerman Queen, with a lawsuit against the indie agency citing violated services agreements and improper billing.

Agency Opp: With current agency relationships in jeopardy, there’s a chance for agency work for anyone daring enough to step into the mess. Pitches should include assisting Ackerman in his duties and combating declines and PR meltdowns.

Sponsorship Opp: The nonprofit typically relies on sponsorship as one of its main channels to spread its message. However, keep in mind spend is decreasing across the board.

Media Opp: With spend decreases, there are still available dollars for sellers to secure. Revenue is available year-round, with no established top spending period. The NRA typically runs ads on political media to target it’s main demographic of men over the age of 45.

5. City Year

Hires AOR amid CEO search, spend increases

The education nonprofit City Year hired Connelly Partners as its AOR after a competitive review. The first work from the agency is set to launch this summer and will be a digital-first campaign.

Media Opp:  Sellers are encouraged to reach out with the upcoming campaign in order to secure dollars. Afterward, keep an eye out for year-round revenue. Keep in mind the nonprofit typically targets Gen-Z and younger millennials but is also attempting to gain awareness among donors, policy makers, and the broader public, particularly in specific locations.

City Year historically uses digital, social media and broadcast, but may see strategy shifts soon as they look for a CEO replacement.

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