How Much Does Prospecting Cost Your Company?

If you’re not using an outside resource, more than likely your sales team is responsible for hunting down new sales leads themselves. What does their time cost you? Although it may seem like only a few hours a day, the costs can quickly add up.

Find out just how much prospecting is costing your sales team with our ROI calculator below:

ROI Calculator

What does their time cost you?


$150.00 per day

Expand this over a year and your company could be spending…

$150.00 per day
$750.00 per week
$3,000.00 per month

If your team is spending over $10K of their time hunting down sales leads, perhaps it’s time to look into outside resources to help them sell smarter and faster. Get access to Winmo’s advertising database of national advertisers (and their agencies) to start connecting with the right decision makers at precisely the right time.

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