Winmo vs. 6Sense Comparison

October 18, 2023

With so many sales intelligence platforms on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. There are many factors to consider, such as the accuracy of data, features, pricing, and integrations. Because Winmo and 6Sense are both vastly different and serve different purposes, the below comparison illustrates feedback from Winmo users. While both have great potential, Winmo best fits in the use cases explained below.

To help you make the right decision about your business needs, check out our competitive analysis between Winmo and 6Sense:


Winmo vs. 6Sense on Contacts:

If you’re prioritizing the quantity of contact information, 6Sense is the choice for you. However, if you’re looking for in-depth and accurate data on brands, agencies, advertisers, media spend, and more- look no further than Winmo. 

6Sense has a massive database of over 370 million buyer profiles, however, many reviewers have brought up the lack of accurate or up-to-date information. This is a common challenge with large databases, as it can be difficult to maintain the integrity of the data.

Winmo’s data, by contrast, is hand-verified by our research team every 60 days. This ensures our database stays up-to-date for your prospecting needs. Additionally, Winmo has a 100% verified brand/agency relationship database and a 98% email deliverability rate for any contacts in the database. This means less time getting the right information and more time crushing your sales goals!


Agency & Brand Relationships:

Winmo is a sales intelligence tool that helps you understand the entire company landscape before you pitch to national advertisers. As opposed to 6Sense, which only provides company and contact information, it is difficult to make connections between the brand and agency.


Media Spend:

Aside from the usual firmographic filters such as industry and location, Winmo also keeps tabs on the advertising spend of both individual brands and parent companies. This includes mapping spend totals and channel allocations across various platforms such as digital display, online video, broadcast, print, radio, and OOH. By doing so, the platform enables users to zero in on prospects who are investing in specific delivery media. Moreover, Winmo takes note of planning and buying periods, making it possible for users to create lists of marketers who are currently planning major campaigns and marketing spend events.

  • Broadcast spend (Network, Cable, Spot, Syndication, Spanish Language)
  • Print (B2B Magazines, National Magazines, Local Magazines, Newspapers, Spanish Language Publications)
  • Out-of-Home
  • Digital Display & Online Video
  • Radio (National Spot and Network)

With in-depth insights on emerging channels:

  • Social Spend: Search for advertisers spending above or below thresholds to pinpoint high-value opportunities, emerging brands, and movers and shakers on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • OTT Insights: Winmo integrates TV measurement data from to give you a 360-degree view of where brands are spending TV dollars. Qualify opportunities, understand TV and OTT buying behavior, and tailor your pitch to secure future ad investment.
  • SEM Spend: Understand a brand’s Google Ads buying behavior, and how much traffic they get for the dollars they’re putting in.
  • Podcast Spend: Winmo’s podcast insights powered by Podchaser make it easy to identify podcast advertisers, size up opportunities, and connect with budget-holders to win more business.


Insight + Integrations:

Sales intelligence platforms make it easier than ever for you to work less and sell more. As 6Sense’s integrations manage your data, with enrichment and APIs, Winmo’s integrations manage your pipeline with resources that can help you close leads faster. 

Winmo’s key integrations help you connect with qualified prospects faster than ever before, from personality insights to digital ad intelligence. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Emerging opportunities – Looking for new opportunities right when they happen? Winmo is the industry’s only early warning system so that you can be first in line. Rather than pursue leftover budgets, our research analysts track multiple sales triggers at established and emerging brands. From new CMOs to companies that just got new funding, our prospecting publication WinmoEdge spots opportunities on the horizon and serves them to your inbox so you can be first to early-stage opportunities.
  • AdBeat – Connecting your favorite ad placements to brands, networks, and publishers in seconds.
  • Salesforce, Hubspot & Microsoft Dynamics – Export verified data into these industry-leading CRM platforms. 
  • iSpot – See a brand’s latest TV airings including top networks and shows, plus playable commercials. 
  • Relo Metrics – Get a breakdown of a brand’s sports partners and current sponsorship activations.
  • Intent Signals by Bombora – Who’s in the market for your tech? Winmo Intent Insights, powered by Bombora, tells you exactly which brands or agencies are researching your services.
  • Podcast Insights – See which brands are spending on podcasts, plus which shows they’re airing and how they stack up against their competitive set.
  • Personality Insights– Score eerily accurate personality insights on decision-makers to improve response rates with DOs, DONTs, and preferred language.
  • SEM Spend Insights – Get detailed spending across media formats like OOH, Broadcast, Print, Radio, Digital, Video, Google Ads (PPC), Hispanic media and more.
  • Social Spend – Search who’s spending above or below thresholds on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & OLV, and know which platforms are dominating the mix.
  • StatSocial – Qualify targets and perfect your pitch based on how a brand’s social audience breaks down by gender, age, ethnicity, household income, personality type, media properties, influencers, and more.

With Winmo, you’re guaranteed an elevated lead generation experience.


Another important factor to consider is timeliness: who to contact and when to reach out. 

6Sense boasts its AI-powered predictive technology. In the platform, 6Sense will indicate where they believe your accounts are in the buying process and will signal if your leads are hot, warm, or cold based on their engagement with your website. 

Winmo’s research team is able to forecast up to months in advance and sends daily curated emails with opportunities from WinmoEdge when companies are interested in buying what you’re selling. What gives Winmo the (unfair) advantage? Our clients receive WinmoEdge updates about new business acquisitions, hiring new creative talent, and other events that are distilled into useful leads on a daily basis. Using these leads, sellers can gain an unfair advantage by proactively prospecting weeks and even months before a campaign is announced.

Here are some extra ways our customers snag logos before their competitors:

Proactive prospecting: Winmo clients can search brands by buying periods and planning windows to ensure you get the deal before the budget is spent.

Winmo Scoops group: Get daily Winmo leads right to your Slack (or email)! These curated opportunities detail brands rumored to be increasing spend, scouting marketing partners, and more.



When determining which option is best for your team, ask yourself if you need to know

  • Targeted, human-verified contact information
  • Corporate hierarchies and the connection between brands, parent corporations, and agencies
  • When brands are planning to spend big and heading toward agency reviews
  • What demographics do brands target information about new sponsorships and how to approach those opportunities
  • What are brands spending their budgets on
  • That you’ll be working with a trusted industry advisor with 25+ years of experience

Sales teams at both large and small corporations can find value in Winmo or 6Sense.

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