eBook Download: 10 Holiday Advertisers Buying in Q4 2022

August 15, 2022

Ah yes, another “unprecedented” holiday season is upon us. In the face of uniquely challenging factors (a still backed-up supply chain, omnipresent inflation, and not-so-hushed whispers of recession), consumers and brands alike face an uncertain Q4. Still, on average, shoppers spend more than a thousand dollars on gifts, decor, and other holiday-related purchases each year. While the 2022 holiday season includes new challenges, we’ve survived far worse.


Despite these economic headwinds, it’s no secret that we’re experiencing continued growth, too. In fact, according to Salesforce, record inflation has historically been a tailwind in catapulting revenues. Even amid such confusing and conflicting industry news, the experts at Winmo were still able to prepare some economic predictions for the upcoming 2022 holiday shopping season:


  • Shoppers will prioritize short-term wins (price) over long-term gains (perks and loyalty programs).
  • Expect a rejuvenated opportunity for brick-and-mortar stores as we welcome the first fully operational holiday season since the pandemic.
  • Shoppers will buy even earlier — late October to early November — to avoid price hikes (thanks, inflation!).
  • Even with savings front and center, shoppers will continue to gravitate toward brands that “do good.” (88% percent of consumers now expect brands and retailers to clearly state their values. And 64% will stop doing business with a company if corporate values don’t align with their own.)


But which brands are already privy to these insights and predictions? Check out some teaser info on the ten holiday advertisers highlighted in our Q4 eBook. 

In 2022, this eCommerce sock company has been aggressively ramping up digital spend and increasing TV spend targeting Gen-Xers and Millennials. With Q4 being the time of year most of its budget is allocated, it’s safe to say that those looking to offer ad space should get in touch ASAP. 

This retailer typically targets millennials and Gen-X with a skew toward moms. Considering its scaled-back approach, sellers will benefit from offering ways to optimize ROI on relatively low spending. Expect an uptick in spending ahead of the holiday-packed fourth quarter since it experienced high sales last holiday season. 

This fast-casual chain targets Gen-Zers and millennials with a male skew. It reaches these consumers through digital display and national TV ads and invests in OOH and local broadcast TV. Its new marketing chief will likely bring some new strategies, so sellers should get in touch for more information to offer relevant ad space.

Download our latest eBook, 10 Holiday Advertisers Buying in Q4 2022, to access the insights Winmo customers implement on a daily basis, including:


  • 10 brands with unique offerings for the 2022 holiday season (and buying in Q4).
  • Select decision-maker contact info to ensure you reach the right person the first time.
  • Opportunity analysis tailored to different seller types.
  • Spend details, audience demographics, and insights to fuel your outreach.


The more intel you have, the better your messaging, no matter the time of year. Cheers to your unfair advantage as we prepare for Q4 2022 and the holiday season.


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